Digital Literary Studies

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Digital Literary Studies is an international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication with a focus on those aspects of Digital Humanities primarily concerned with literary studies.

Digital Literary Studies publishes scholarly articles on research concerned with computational approaches to literary analysis/criticism, or critical/literary approaches to electronic literature, digital media, and textual resources.

In addition to longer, more traditionally-formed articles, this journal publishes positional papers and articles with a shorter experimental focus, as well as reviews of books and electronic literature. Contributors may also submit curated electronic texts for peer-review, as well as thoroughly-documented hermeneutical methods and tools. Any digital project with a literary focus, whether that be a digital edition, tool, or otherwise, may be considered for peer-review.

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Additional information and publications relating to Digital Literary Studies:

O’Sullivan, James, and Mark Mattson. “Introducing Digital Literary Studies: Building and Sustaining an Open-Access Humanities Publication.” Advancing Communication Research & Scholarship, Philadelphia, 28 Apr 2015.

O'Sullivan, James. "Introducing Digital Literary Studies", Advancing Research Communciation & Scholarship, April 2015.

Vol 1, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

General Articles

Digital Humanities Masterplots HTML
Matt Erlin
Gaming the Edition: Modelling Scholarly Editions through Videogame Frameworks HTML
Jon Saklofske, Nina Belojevic, Alex Christie, Sonja Sapach, John Simpson, The INKE Research Team
The Biopolitics of Electronic Literature: On the Writings of Mez Breeze HTML
Kent Aardse
Encoding the Edge: Manuscript Marginalia and the TEI HTML
Laura Estill

Short Critical Essays

Big Data and the Search for Balanced Insight in the Digital Humanities: Macroscopic and Microscopic Reading of Citation Strategies in the Encyclopédie of Diderot (and Jaucourt), 1751-1772 HTML
Scott Richard St. Louis


Preservation Paths. A Review of Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature by Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop HTML
Élika Ortega

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