Integrated Life Sciences (ILS): A New Honors Living-Learning Program at the University of Maryland


  • Todd J. Cooke
  • B. Booth Quimby
  • Nicole F. Horvath
  • Hannah E. Jardine
  • Daniel M. Levin


Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) is a new living-learning program for life-science students offered at the University of Maryland (UMD).  This program consists of four components: 1) a residential community composed of 60-72 students entering each year, 2) an honors track of life-science classes designed according to recent national initiatives in undergraduate biology education, 3) research experiences on the UMD campus and at the federal research and biomedical institutes in the Washington, DC area, and 4) service-learning experiences.   Several assessment measures indicate that ILS is successfully meeting major objectives of national biology initiatives, as well as realistic student and program expectations.