Leveraging the Research Capacity of the Doctoral University for Honors Education: The "Research Collaborative" Model


  • François G. Amar
  • Mark Haggerty
  • Melissa Ladenheim
  • Linda Silka
  • Stephanie Welcomer
  • John Jemison


The Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative (SFSRC), housed in UMaine's Honors College, provides a structure for interdisciplinary, community engaged research.  It complements the academic offerings of the College to enhance opportunities for students to begin research projects with community partners. Students from any discipline may participate in helping to frame and solve problems that are posed by community groups such as food banks, institutional dining services, economic development organizations, and farmers markets, or that may arise trying to understand the social forces that drive food choice and consumer behavior. The research collaborative model promotes early exposure to research, interdisciplinary thinking, and sustained engagement with partners over time.