The Undergraduate Thesis: Structured For Success


  • LeeAnn Baker
  • Tara Williams


From scientific experiments to the scholarly analysis of literature, the undergraduate thesis is an ideal way to offer the self-directed learning that the honors experience is known for yet it can be difficult for students to complete such an endeavor.  The Honors College at Oregon State University offers one way to restructure and support the undergraduate honors thesis using backward design, long-range planning, predictive analytics to track progress, automated reminders for students and thesis mentors, along with supports to connect students to faculty and research projects.  In addition, the structure stresses the importance of messaging to prospective students, current students and faculty members communicating the value gained by completing the thesis.  The Honors College Thesis Success in Stages (TheSIS) guide removes many of the barriers associated with completion of the undergraduate thesis.  These tools support every honors student through the entire thesis process.