Join the L-ICIK Listserv

Timely Information on Indigenous Peoples and Their Lives


Readers of IK: Other Ways of Knowing are invited to join the free listserv managed by the Interinstitutional Center for Indigenous Knowledge that has been open to anyone interested Indigenous Knowledge and has been growing steadily for more than a decade.


Nearly 1,000 subscribers to the ICIK listserv currently receive frequent and timely postings that include informative articles from reliable sources.  You can join the list and, if you like, provide information to the listserv manager about things you believe would be of interest to others.


The listserv will provide you with an advance notice of ICIK seminars that can be viewed in real time via Media Site or viewed at your leisure as an archived tape on the ICIK website.   The listserv will also inform you of up-coming conferences, current articles about indigenous peoples and their cultures as well as timely notices about calls for submission of proposals issued by government and non-governmental programs.


The ICIK listserv also proves information such as collaborations between Native knowledge-keepers and scientists, updates on current activities related to the impact of climate change on Native communities, efforts in the U.S to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, the status of Native peoples court suits and issues related to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


To join the ICIK listserv, just go to the ICIK website (see link above), then go to "JOIN US" and at "Join the ICIK listserv" just provide your name and the e-mail address at which you would like to receive listserv postings. You will receive an e-mail that tells you how you can choose to receive postings weekly in "digest" form if you prefer.  You will receive a welcome e-mail that will tell you how to delete your name from the listserv and how to change your e-mail address if you wish.



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