IK: Other Ways of Knowing, Vol. 2

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Front Matter PDF
From the Editors PDF

Peer Reviewed

Scientific Language and Thought in an African Indigenous Knowledge System: About Dagara Cultic Institutions and Frames of Thought PDF
Alexis Bekayne Tengan 1-32
The Black Day: Yarsagunbu, the State, and the Struggle for Justice PDF
Tashi Tewa Dolpo 33-44
Landscapes’ Lessons: Native American Cultural Geography in Nineteenth-Century Oregon and Washington PDF
Mathias D. Bergmann 45-84

Board Reviewed

Preserving Cultural Heritage and Creating Economic Stability after the Nepal Earthquake PDF
Kylie Rose Doran 85-94
Traditional Pottery of Bhaktapur PDF
Elizabeth Anne Rothenberger 95-101
Cultural Passport: Demystifying Traditional Indian Music and Art PDF
Esha Zaveri 102-111
Decolonization and Life History Research: The Life of a Native Woman PDF
Jyl M. Wheaton-Abraham 112-121
Remarks: Regional Constructions of Cultural Identity Forum PDF
Puanani Burgess 122-128

Reviews and Resources

The Ghana Cookbook: A Review PDF
Esi Colecraft 129-131
A Review of Becoming Indian: The Struggle Over Cherokee Identity in the Twenty-first Century PDF
Suzan A. M. McVicker 132-140
New Resources on Indigenous Knowledge PDF
- - 141-149

News and Notes

Recent ICIK Seminars PDF
2016 Whiting Indigenous Knowledge Research Award Winners PDF
11th Tri-Annual World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education PDF
Latin America Indigenous Funders Conference PDF
Trent University Launches Indigenous Bachelor of Education PDF
Manitoba Indigenous Education Blueprint PDF
Join the ICIK Listserv PDF

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