Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

The International Journal of Illich Studies

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Editors' Introduction PDF
Dana L Stuchul, Madhu Suri Prakash 1-2
A Pedestrian Thinker PDF
Sajay Samuel, Samar Farage 3-8

Writings of Jean Robert

Autonomy and Heteronomy in Architecture Theory: Part I - The Potential Conflict Between the Art of Building and the Act of Dwelling (2000) PDF
Jean Robert 9-13
Autonomy and Heteronomy in Architecture Theory: Part II - Home and House (2000) PDF
Jean Robert 14-17
Autonomy and Heteronomy in Architecture Theory: Part III - The Disjunction of House and Home in Contemporary Architectural Theories (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 18-25
Autonomy and Heteronomy in Architectural Theory: Part IV - A Plea for a Reappraisal of Domesticity, A Historic Concept (2000) PDF
Jean Robert 26-30
Autonomy and Heteronomy in Architecture Theory: Part V - Architecture Between Orality and Literacy? (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 31-35
“Energy,” the Rise of the Monistic Worldview and the Demise of Perceived Balances (Cuernavaca, July 20, 2009) PDF
Jean Robert 36-45
Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact: The Case of Energy PDF
Jean Robert 46-70
Recovering A Sense of Place (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 71
History of Space - A Plea for a History of Space Perceptions (1991) PDF
Jean Robert 72-78
Hestia and Hermes: The Greek Imagination of Motion and Space (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 79-86
Place in the Space Age (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 87-112
A Sense of Place: Some Historical Symbols, Myths and Rituals of “Placeness” (2001) PDF
Jean Robert 113-127
History of Place: Odysseus’s house, 8th Century B.C. PDF
Jean Robert 128-131
Space PDF
Jean Robert 132-137
Modernity’s Spatial Imperative (2000) PDF
Jean Robert 138-140
“Speed” As a State of Altered Perceptions (1989) PDF
Jean Robert 141-149
The Pedestrian Condition (1989) PDF
Jean Robert 150-157
The Disembodiment of Motion (State College, 1989) PDF
Jean Robert 158-163
Rain, Steam and Speed and the New Scopic Regime (1989) PDF
Jean Robert 164-171


Teaching with and Thinking After Illich on Tools PDF
Carl Mitcham 172-188
Struggling to Live Within the Storm, with Ivan Illich PDF
Gustavo Esteva 189-214
The Elections of 2016: Fears and Hopes of a Brown-skinned Immigrant (November 2016) PDF
Lakshman Yapa 215-229
Critical Thinking and Convivial Learning in Central China PDF
Roger Shouse, Jinyan Bai 230-252
Joys of Teaching Genius: Walking on Water with Ivan Illich PDF
Dana L. Stuchul, Madhu Suri Prakash 253-268

ISSN: 1948-4666