Vol. 8 No. 1 (2021): SPECIAL ISSUE - An Homage to Jean Robert in Two Parts (ENGLISH)
SPECIAL ISSUE - An Homage to Jean Robert in Two Parts (ENGLISH)

In this homage to Jean Robert in "two parts," we seek to honor his living, his penetrating syntheses, his humble and kindly friendship. Readers of IJIS will recall an earlier special issue devoted to Jean Robert in which Jean participated. Following his death in Oct. 2020, we again offer readers access to a modest sampling of his corpus – in English (Issue I) and in Spanish (Issue II).

In Issue I, we include articles written in English, introduced by Jean’s friends, Sajay Samuel and Samar Farage.

In Issue II, we include articles written in Spanish. Three distinct introductions (including English translations) begin this special issue. The first introduction is provided by Sylvia Marcos, the life companion of Jean Robert, who’s efforts make possible the legacy of Jean Robert available within IJIS. The second introduction, by Jean’s decades-long friend and collaborator, Mexican activist-intellectual Gustavo Esteva, offers a brief elaboration of each article. The third introduction, also by a decades long friend and collaborator, Mexican poet-activist Javier Sicilia, in who’s account of his final moments with Jean reveals the Ithaka of Jean’s life.

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