About the Journal


The research published within the Penn State Journal of Medicine (PSJM), which was founded in 2019, is the work of students that allows for advancement of medical education via clinical outcome, basic science, medical education, quality improvement, health systems research, and any other research that may be of importance to the clinical field. The audience of this journal includes medical students, residents, fellows, attending physicians, other clinical faculty, clinical scientists, and any other interested readers at the Penn State College of Medicine and beyond the College of Medicine.

Penn State Journal of Medicine (PSJM) online ISSN: 2689-7350.

Mission Statement:

The principal mission of this peer-reviewed and bias-blind journal is to provide a means for publication of clinical and medical-based research completed by students enrolled at the Penn State College of Medicine. As a student-run journal, our mission is twofold - to provide an avenue for students to display their work on a peer-reviewed platform, in addition to providing students the feedback they need to improve the quality of their work in a learning environment.

Organization's Annual Activities/Events:

  • Lunch Lectures to recruit editors, reviewers, and authors
  • Training for editors and reviewers
  • Monthly meetings to assess progress
  • Meetings with teams to ensure all questions are answered
  • Possible poster symposium to present research

Copyright and Open Access Policy

Authors that publish in this journal retain copyright, simultaneously licensing their works under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). That license allows others to share and adapt the work so long as they provide reasonable attribution. This license applies to the submitted version of the work (preprint), the accepted version of the work (postprint), and the final published version. 

Ideal attribution for a work published in this journal consists of the work’s title, the title of the journal, the name(s) of thauthor(s), the DOI (digital object identifier), and a link to the CC BY 4.0 license deed. The journal encourages those relying on the CC BY 4.0 license to consult the Best Practices for Attribution on the Creative Commons wiki 

As they retain copyright, authors are entitled to distribute any version of the article and to grant other licenses to use the work, subject to the CC BY 4.0 licenseThe journal encourages authors to include the ideal attribution described above when they distribute their works after acceptance by the journal. 

Authors are encouraged to post their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) prior to and after publication, as it can lead to productive exchanges, as well as earlier and greater citation of published work (see SPARC's "Open Access" article).

Additional Information:

An introductory PowerPoint regarding the Student Organization and information regarding how to get involved can be found here. Our student organization constitution can be found here. Other files for download can be found here.