The Effects of the Holidays on Eating Disorders


  • Kaitlin Dannibale Rowan University



The holiday season, the time from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, is a period filled with many joyous occasions, including family, friends and food. However, one must also consider the negatives that come along with these moments. Family feuds, financial difficulties and personal issues tend to heighten during the holiday season. For the average person, this provides an abnormal amount of stress. However, for someone suffering from an eating disorder, the holiday season is more difficult than one can imagine. With about thirty million people battling an eating disorder in their lifetime, it is important to remember the ongoing fight these people deal with, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. While the holidays prove to be difficult for many people, it can be concluded that the holiday season tends to have a more considerable effect on those suffering from eating disorders, due to the significant emphasis on food and elevated levels of stress.