The Frozen Formula: A Reading of the Film's Calculated Rise to National Popularity


  • Catharine Pinkerton The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg



Once upon a time there was a man with an odd sounding name. This man loved to tell stories and dreamed of bringing happiness to all the world, especially its children. The man started his own company and as he grew in success his company also grew. From this company came many stories and songs. These stories and songs gave the world joy and wonder. One day, this man's company, long after he was gone, created a story and songs so wonderful it took the world by storm- a snowstorm as a matter of fact. This creation, so intense, so satisfying, amassed immense popularity with old and young alike. People everywhere were so taken by the company's new masterpiece that they couldn't control themselves; they couldn't let it go. But why?


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