Pennsylvania History, vol. 79, no. 4, Fall 2012

Special Issue: Environmental Histories of the Mid-Atlantic

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Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies (Full Issue) PDF
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Frontmatter: Pennsylvania History, vol. 79, no. 4 PDF
- Pennsylvania Historical Association

Special Issue: Environmental Histories of the Mid-Atlantic

Environmental Histories of the Mid-Atlantic: An Introduction PDF
Allen Dieterich-Ward, David C. Hsiung
The Changing Nature of Environmental History: A Interview with Joel A. Tarr PDF
Allen Dieterich-Ward

New Perspectives on the Environmental History of the Mid-Atlantic

Changes in the Genre: A Brief Survey of Early Mid-Atlantic Environmental Histories PDF
Strother E. Roberts
The Rise of Environmental Tourism PDF
Thomas A. Chambers
Environmental History of the Susquehanna Valley Around the Time of European Contact PDF
April M. Beisaw
The Legacy of Extraction: Reading Patterns and Ethics on Pennsylvania's Landscape of Energy PDF
Brian Black, Marcy Ladson
"Visit My Community": The Need to Extend Envirnmental Justice to the Countryside PDF
Vagel Keller
"Typically American": Trends in the History of Environmental Politics and Policy in the Mid-Atlantic Region PDF
James Longhurst
Dirt in the City: Urban Environmental History in the Mid-Atlantic PDF
Ellen Stroud
Mind Over Matter: Social Justice, The Body, and Environmental History PDF
Skylar Harris
Farm Boundaries as Agroecological Systems PDF
Peggy Eppig
New Paths Toward a History of Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation PDF
Silas Chamberlin

Teaching Environmental History of the Mid-Atlantic

Using the Environmental History of the Commonwealth to Enhance Pennsylvania and U.S. History PDF
Charles Hardy III
From Seed Men to Bird Women: Pennsylvanians and the Environment PDF
Stephen H. Cutcliffe
Resurrecting the Story of the Passenger Pigeon in Pennsylvania PDF
David Soll
The Teacher and the Forest: The Pennsylvania Forest Association, George Perkins Marsh, and the Origins of Conservation Education PDF
Peter Linehan

Environmental Poilicy: New Research, New Sources, and New Directions

"Archival Power" and the Future of Environmental Movement History PDF
James Longhurst
How to Make History Matter: The Maurice K. Goddard Legacy Project PDF
Brenda Barrett

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