Pennsylvania History vol. 36, no. 4, October 1969

Table of Contents

President's Page

President's Page PDF


Violence in Pennsylvania in the 1840's and 1850's PDF
Elizabeth M. Geffen 381-410
Constitutionalism in American Thought, 1689-1763 PDF
Lawrence H. Leder 411-419
Two Meanings of the Term Constitution: A Comment on "Constitutionalism in American Thought" PDF
John L. Washburn 419-423
Pennsylvania and the Presidential Election of 1800: Republican Acceptance of the 8-7 Compromise PDF
William Bruce Wheeler 424-429
The Socialists of Reading, Pennsylvania and World War I--A Question of Loyalty PDF
Kenneth E. Hendrickson 430-450
The 1969 Research Conference at Middletown and Harrisburg PDF
Gail M. Gibson 451-472

News and Comment

News And Comment PDF
Gail M. Gibson 473-488

Book Reviews

Book Review: Phineas Bond; A Study in Anglo-American Relations, 1786-1812. By Joanne Loewe Neel PDF
Harry M. Tinkcom 489-490
Book Reviews: Medical Licensing in America, 1650-1965. By Richard H. Shryock PDF
Irwin Richman 490-491
Book Reviews: This Was Early Oil; Contemporary Accounts of the Growing Petroleum Industry, 1848-1885. Compiled and edited by Ernest C. Miller PDF
Robert E. Carlson 492-493
Book Reviews: The Politics of the Universe; Edward Beecher, Abolition, and Orthodoxy. By Robert Merideth PDF
Craig A. Newton 493-494
Book Reviews: Blueprint for Modern America: Nonmilitary Legislation of the First Civil War Congress. By Leonard P. Curry PDF
Harold B. Hancock 495-496
Book Reviews: The Conservative Reformers; German-American Catholics and the Social Order. By Philip Gleason PDF
Nuala McGann Drescher 496-497
Book Reviews: The Slavic Community on Strike; Immigrant Labor in Pennsylvania Anthracite. By Victor R. Greene PDF
H. Benjamin Powell 497-499
Book Reviews: The Johnstown Flood. By David G. McCullough PDF
Hugh R. Gibb 499-501
Book Reviews: The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Volume 5, 1885-1888. Edited by Arthur S. Link, et al PDF
Vincent A. Carrafiello 501-503
Book Reviews: A Historian's Progress. By Roy F. Nichols PDF
John M. Coleman 503-504
Book Reviews: Echoes from Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania, and Surrounding Areas. By Elizabeth Nearhoof PDF
Jesse L. Hartman 505-506
Book Reviews: Proceedings of The Lehigh County Historical Society. Volume 27. Edited by Mildred Rowe Trexler PDF
John Ward Willson Loose 506-507

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