Pennsylvania History vol. 42, no. 2, April 1975

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


John Nicholson and the Attempt to Promote Pennsylvania Industry in the 1790s PDF
Robert D. Arbuckle 99-115
George M. Dallas and the Bank War PDF
Bruce Ambacher 117-135
The Establishment of the Ruthenian Church in the United States, 1884-1907 PDF
Bohdan P. Procko 137-154

News and Comment

News and Comment PDF
Harry E. Whipkey 155-162

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: Magic Medicines of the Indians, by C. A. Weslager PDF
Melburn D. Thurman 163-164
Book Reviews: Colonial North Carolina: A History, by Hugh T. Lefler and William S. Powell PDF
James H. Broussard 164-166
Book Reviews: A Spirit of Dissension: Economics, Politics, and the Revolution in Maryland, by Ronald Hoffman PDF
Frank A. Cassell 166-167
Book Reviews: The Price of Loyalty: Tory Writings from the Revolutionary Era, edited by Catherine S. Crary PDF
Henry J. Young 168-169
Book Reviews: Alexander Hamilton: A Biography in His Own Words, edited by Mary-Jo Kline PDF
John M. Coleman 169-170
Book Reviews: James Madison: A Biography in His Own Words, edited by Merrill D. Peterson PDF
Robert G. Seddig 170-172
Book Reviews: Louis McLane: Federalist and Jacksonian, by John A. Munroe PDF
Edward C. Carter 172-173
Book Reviews: The Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to the South, by Parke Rouse, Jr. PDF
Richard C. Overton 173-175
Book Reviews: That Man Haupt, A Biography of Herman Haupt, by James A. Ward PDF
Hugh R. Gibb 175-177
Book Reviews: The Secession Movement in the Middle Atlantic States, by William C. Wright PDF
John H. Schroeder 177-179
Book Reviews: The Eager Immigrants: A Survey of the Life and Americanization of Jewish Immigrants to the United States, by David M. Zielonka and Robert J. Wechman PDF
Norman Lederer 179-180
Book Reviews: The Irish in Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience, by Dennis Clark PDF
Nuala M. Drescher 180-181
Book Reviews: Crucial American Elections PDF
Richard P. McCormick 181-182
Book Reviews: The Challenge of Urban Reform: Policies and Programs in Philadelphia, by Kirk R. Petshek PDF
Joseph M. Gowaskie 182-184

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