Pennsylvania History vol. 63, no. 2, April 1996

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


"Asking for Justice and Fair Play": African American State Legislators and Civil Rights in Early Twenticth-Century Pennsylvania PDF
Eric Ledell Smith 169-203
"Spy Mad"? Investigating Subversion in Pennsylvania, 1917-1918 PDF
Philip Jenkins 204-231
The Influence of Henry George's Philosophy on Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy: The Period of Developing Economic Thought (1881-1897) PDF
Kenneth C. Wenzer 232-252
A Conversation with E. Digby Baltzell PDF
William Pencak 253-268

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: Sporting Gentlemen: Men's Tennis from the Age ofHonor to the Cult of The Superstar, by E. Digby Baltzell. PDF
Ralph J. Crandall 269-270
Book Reviews: A Geography of Pennsylvania, edited by E. Willard Miller. PDF
Louis M. Waddell 271-272
Book Reviews: Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake, by James Horn. PDF
Gabrielle M. Lanier 272-274
Book Reviews: Forming American Politics: Ideals, Interests, and Institutions in Colonial New York and Pennsylvania, by Alan Tully. PDF
Alison G. Olson 274-275
Book Reviews: The Papers of George Washington: Colonial Series. Volume 10 (March 1774-June 1775)., edited by Beverly Runge; The Papers of George Washington: Confederation Series. Volume 4 (April 1786-January 1787), edited by W. W. Abbot. PDF
Frank C. Mevers 276-277
Book Reviews: Early American Technology: Making and Doing Things from the Colonial Era to 1850, by Judith McGaw, ed. PDF
Walter Licht 277-278
Book Reviews: John Lewis Krimmel: Genre Artist of the Early Republic, by Anneliese Harding. PDF
Irwin Richman, 278-279
Book Reviews: Producers Versus Capitalists: Constitutional Conflict in Antebellum America. Constitutionalism and Democracy Series, by Tony A. Freyer. PDF
Jacob Katz Cogan 280-281
Book Reviews: The Special Artist in American Culture: A Biography of Frank Hamilton Taylor (1846-1927), by Nancy L. Gustke. PDF
Irwin Richman 281-282
Book Reviews: Cities of Light and Heat: Domesticating Gas and Electricity in Urban America, by Mark H. Rose. PDF
Charles Jacobson 283-284
Book Reviews: Iron in Her Soul: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and the American Left, by Helen C. Camp. PDF
Ken Fones-Wolf 284-285
Book Reviews: To Do Good and To Do Well: Middle-Class Blacks and the Depression, Philadelphia, 1929-1941, by Charles Pete T. Banner-Haley. PDF
Eric Ledell Smith 286-287
Book Reviews: Brethren Society: The Cultural Transformation of a "Peculiar People", by Carl F. Bowman. PDF
Charles H. Glatfelter 288-289
Book Reviews: Appalachian Mountain Religion: A History, by Deborah Vansau McCauley. PDF
Glenna H. Graves 290-291
Book Reviews: Guide to the Sol Feinstone Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution, by David J. Fowler. PDF
William Pencak 291-292


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