Articles Include:

  • Revisiting the Timing and Events Leading to and Causing the Johnstown Flood of 1889 by Uldis Kaktins, Carrie Davis Todd, Stephanie Wojno, and Neil Coleman
  • Revealing Division: The Philadelphia Shirtwaist Strike, the Jewish Community, and Republican Machine Politics, 1909–1910 by Julianne Kornacki
  • "It's the Union Man That Holds the Winning Hand": Gambling in Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region by Karol K. Weaver
  • Creating a Living Historiography: Tracing the Outlines of Philadelphia's Antebellum African American Women and Mapping Memory onto the Body by Valerie M. Joyce
  • Being Prometheus in 1943: Bringing Penicillin to the Working Man by Anthony Julius Scibilia

Also included: obituary, book reviews, books received, and contributors.

Published: 2019-10-17


- Pennsylvania History Association