Articles include:

  • "Under These Classic Shades Together": Intimate Male Friendships at the Antebellum College of New Jersey by Thomas J. Balcerski
  • Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Militia Law: The Statute that Transformed the State by Francis S. Fox
  • "Long in the Hand and Altogether Fruitless": The Pennsylvania Salt Works and Salt-Making on the New Jersey Shore during the American Revolution by Michael S. Adelberg
  • "A Genuine Republican": Benjamin Franklin Bache's Remarks (1797), the Federalists, and Republican Civic Humanism by Arthur Scherr

Also includes: Obituaries, Book Reviews, Film Review, and Contributors

Published: 2019-10-17

Ira V. Brown (1922–2012)

Robert V. Brown, John B. Frantz



- Pennsylvania Historical Association