Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol.70, issue 1, January 1946

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Philadelphia During the Civil War, 1861-1865 PDF
Winnifred K. MacKay 3-51
Religious Revival of 1858 in Philadelphia PDF
Russell E. Francis 52-77

The Library

A Survey of Benjamin Rush Papers PDF
L. H. Butterfield 78-111

Notes and Documents

Citizen Marsillac on Philadelphia PDF
Otto Chomet 112-116

Book Reviews

Book Review: American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography of American Diaries Written Prior to the Year 1861. Compiled by William Matthews with the assistance of Roy Harvey Pearce. PDF
L. H. Butterfield 117-120
Book Review: The House of Hancock: Business in Boston, 1724-1775. By W. T. Baxter, Professor of Accounting, University of Cape Town. Harvard Studies in Business History X. Edited by N. S. B. Gras. PDF
Thomas C. Cochran 120-121
Book Review: Origins of Inter-American Interest, 1700-1812. By Harry Bernstein. Prepared and Published under the Direction of the American Historical Association from the Income of the Albert J. Beveridge Memorial Fund. PDF
J. H. Powell 333-334
Book Review: Thomas Cresap, Maryland Frontiersman. By Kenneth P. Bailey. PDF
Morris L. Radoff 122-124
Book Review: The Journals of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg. Volume II. Translated by Theodore G. Tappert and John W. Doberstein. PDF
Ralph Charles Wood 124-126
Book Review: The Diary of a Public Man. Prefatory Notes by F. Lauriston Bullard. Foreword by Carl Sandburg . PDF
Roy F. Nichols 126-127
Book Review: Lee’s Lieutenants: A Study in Command. By Douglas Southall Freeman. Three volumes. PDF
Thomas Robson Hay 127-132
Book Review: Delaware’s Buried Past, a Story of Archaeological Adventure. By C. A. Weslager. PDF
John A. Munroe 132-134
Book Review: West to the Setting Sun. By Harvey Chalmers, 2D. PDF
John Witthoft 134-135
Book Review: John Dooley, Confederate Soldier: His War Journal. Edited by Joseph T. Durkin, S. J. Foreword by Douglas Southall Freeman. PDF
R. H. Woody 135-136
Book Review: A Letter by Dr. Benjamin Rush, Describing The Consecration of the German College at Lancaster in June 1787. Printed, with an Introduction and Notes, from a newly discovered Manuscript, now in the Fackenthal Library at Franklin and Marshall College. PDF
J. H. Powell 137-137

In Memoriam

May Atherton Leach PDF
Roy F. Nichols 138-138
Edward Carey Gardiner PDF
R. Norris Williams 139-139
John Morin Scott PDF
Edwin Q. Lewis 139-140

Penn State