Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol.76, issue 4, October, 1952

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


A Projected British Attack Upon Philadelphia in 1781* PDF
George W. Kyte 379-393
Official Use of the German Language in Pennsylvania* PDF
Robert A. Feer 394-405
A Rhymed Defense of William Penn, 1690 PDF
Frederick B. Tolles 406-410
Historic Indian Paths of Pennsylvania PDF
Paul A. Wallace 411-439
The Diaries of Sidney George Fisher 1838-1839 PDF
In Memoriam, Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach 1876-1952 PDF
Edwin Wolf 468-469

Book Reviews

Book Review: Valley Forge: The Making of an Army. By Alfred Hoyt Bill PDF
Lynn Montross 470-471
Book Review: Rag, Tag, and Bobtail: The Story of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, by Lynn Montross PDF
Colton Storm 471-472
Book Review: Correspondence of Governor Samuel Ward, May, 1775-March, 1776. With a Biographical Introduction Based Chiefly on the Ward Papers Covering the Period 1725-1776. Edited with an Introduction by Bernhard Knollenberg; Genealogy of the Ward Family compiled by Clifford P. Monahon. PDF
William Bell Clark 472-473
Book Review: The Extraordinary Mr. Morris, by Howard Swiggett PDF
C. Page Smith 473-475
Book Review: John Adams and the Prophets of Progress, by Zoltan Haraszti PDF
Merrill Jensen 475-476
Book Review: Torchbearer of Freedom: The Influence of Richard Price on Eighteenth Century Thought, by Carl B. Cone. PDF
Caroline Robbins 476-477
Book Review: American Furniture, Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods, in the Henry Francis duPont Winterthur Museum. PDF
Fiske Kimball 477-479
Book Review: Early American Architecture From the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period, by Hugh Morrison PDF
Sydney E. Martin 479-480
Book Review: Virginia Venturer: A Historical Biography of William Claiborne, 1600-1677. The Story of The Merchant Venturers Who Founded Virginia and The War in the Chesapeake, by Nathaniel C. Hale. PDF
Boyd Lee Spahr 480-482
Book Review: The Prodigal Brother, by McCready Huston PDF
Ira De A. Reid 482-483
Book Review: Refugees of Revolution: The German Forty-Fighters in America, by Carl F. Wittke. PDF
Harry W. Pfund 483-485
Book Review: Ploughshares Into Swords: Josiah Gorgas and Confederate Ordnance, by Frank E. Vandiver. PDF
George D. Harmon 485-486
Book Review: Glory Road: The Bloody Route from Fredericksburg to Gettysburg, by Bruce Catton. PDF
R.J. Ferguson 486-487
Book Review: Slavery and "The Woman Question. " Lucretia Mott's Diary of Her Visit to Great Britain to Attend the World's Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840, edited by Frederick B. Tolles. PDF
Frances May Manges 487-488
Book Review: Guide to the Illinois Central Archives in the Newberry Library, 1851-1906, compiled by Carolyn Curtis Mohr PDF
Book Review: John Brown, Pennsylvania Citizen. The story of John Brown's ten years in northwestern Pennsylvania, by Ernest C. Miller. PDF
Book Review: Lafayette, Guest of the Nation. A Contemporary Account of the Triumphal Tour of General Lafayette through the United States in 1824-1825 as Reported by the Local Newspapers, Volume I. Compiled and Edited by Edgar Ewing Brandon. PDF


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