Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol.80, issue 2, April, 1956

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front matter PDF


The First Purchasers of Pennsylvania 1681-1700 PDF
John E. Pomfret 137-163
Plan of Philadelphia PDF
Nicholas B. Wainwright 164-226
The Missing Evidence Penn v. Baltimore PDF
Nicholas B. Wainwright 227-235
William Penn on Public and Private Affairs, 1686. An Important New Letter PDF
Frederick B. Tolles 236-247

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Great Experiment. An Introduction to the History of the American People, by Frank Thistlethwaite. PDF
Harry M. Tinkcom 248-249
Book Review: County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia, 1632-1640, edited by Susie M. Ames, with a Prefatory Note by Francis S. Philbrick. PDF
Francis L. Berkeley 249-251
Book Review: Governor Tryon and His Palace, by Alonzo Thomas Dill. PDF
William Bell Clark 251-252
Book Review: Joseph Brant: Mohawk, by Harvey Chalmers, in collaboration with Ethel Brant Monture. PDF
Milton W. Hamilton 252-254
Book Review: The Birth of the Bill of Rights, 1776-1791, by Robert Allen Rutland. PDF
Elisha P. Douglass 254-255
Book Review: Mr Franklin. A Selection from His Personal Letters, edited by Leonard W. Labaree and Whitfield J. Bell, Jr. PDF
Lois V. Given 255-256
Book Review: The First Rapprochement: England and the United States, 1795-1805, by Bradford Perkins. PDF
Harold B. Hancock 256-257
Book Review: Benjamin Henry Latrobe, by Talbot Hamlin. PDF
Robert C. Smith 257-260
Book Review: Basic History of Lutheranism in America, by Abdel Ross Wentz. PDF
Carl T. Smith 260-261
Book Review: Zion in Baltimore, 1755-1955. The Bicentennial History of the Earliest German-American Church in Baltimore, Maryland, by Klaus G. Wust. PDF
Henrietta Krone Armstrong 261-262
Book Review: Ho! For Cape Island, by Robert Crozer Alexander PDF
J. Harcourt Givens 262-263
Book Review: Lincoln, The President: Last Full Measure, by J.G. Randall and Richard N. Current. PDF
Roy F. Nichols 263-264
Book Review: Three Years With Grant As Recalled by War Correspondent Sylvanus Cadwallader, edited , with an Introduction and Notes, by Benjamin P. Thomas PDF
Kent Packard 264-265
Book Review: Thaddeus Stevens: A Being Darkly Wise and Rudely Great, by Ralph Korngold. PDF
James A. Barnes 266-267
Book Review: The Age of Reform, from Bryan to F.D.R, by Richard Hofstadter. PDF
Richard W. Leopold 267-268
Book Review: The Socialist Party of America: A History, by David A. Shannon PDF
Louis Filler 268-270
Book Review: Place Names in Burlington County, New Jersey, by Henry H. Bisbee PDF
Book Review: Delaware's Role in World War II, 1940-1946, Two Volumes. By William H. Conner and Leon DeValinger, Jr. PDF
Book Review: Delaware Stays in the Union, by John S. Spruance. PDF
Book Review: Jewish Americana. PDF

Report of the Treasurer

F.R. Kirkland 273-281

Penn State