Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol.120, number 4, October 1996

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Philadelphia's "Miniature Williamsburg": The Colonial Revival and Germantown's Market Square PDF
David R. Contosta 283-320
Andrew Brown's "Earnest Endeavor": The Federal Gazette's Role in Philadelphia's Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 PDF
Mark A. Smith 321-342
"Education for Success": The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania PDF
James D. Watkinson 343-370

Book Reviews

Book Review: Of "Good Laws" and "Good Men": Law and Society in tie Delaware Valley, 1680-1710, by William M. Offutt, Jr. PDF
Peter Charles Hoffer 371-372
Book Review: Life in Early Philadelphia: Documents from the Revolutionary and Early National Periods, edited by Billy G. Smith PDF
Jean R. Soderlund 373-374
Book Review: Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies, by Robert Middlekauff PDF
J. A. Leo Lemay 374-375
Book Review: Lord Churchill's Coup: The Anglo-American Empire and the Glorious Revolution Reconsidered, by Stephen Saunders Webb PDF
Elizabeth Mancke 376-377
Book Review: Benjamin Lincoln and the American Revolution, by David B. Mattern PDF
James F. Smith 377-379
Book Review: The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Volume 26:11 May to 31 August 1793, edited by John Catanzariti PDF
Ralph Ketcham 379-381
Book Review: The Papers of James Madison, Presidential Series. Volume 3: 3 November 1810-4 November. 1811, edited by J. C. A. Stagg, Jeanne Kerr-Cross, and Susan Holbrook PDF
Paul Douglas Newman 381-383
Book Review: The Papers of William Thornton. Volume 1: 1781-1802, edited by C. M. Harris assisted by Daniel Preston PDF
John C. Van Horne 383-384
Book Review: Salmon P. Chase: A Biography, by John Niven PDF
Vernon L. Volpe 385-386
Book Review: Only for the Eye of a Friend: The Poems of Annis Boudinot Stockton, edited by Carla Mulford PDF
Edith Gelles 386-387
Book Review: Our Sister Editors: Sarah J. Hale and the Tradition of Nineteenth-Century American Women Editors, by Patricia Okker PDF
Isabelle Lehuu 388-389
Book Review: A History of Medicine in the Early U.S. Navy, by Harold D. Langley PDF
Frank Lawrence Owsley 389-390
Book Review: A Quest for Glory: A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren, by Robert Schneller, Jr. PDF
Harold D. Langely 391-392
Book Review: Davis and Lee at War, by Steven E. Woodworth PDF
John F. Marszalek 392-393
Book Review: Illegal Tender: Counterfeiting and the Secret Service in Nineteenth-Century America, by David R. Johnson PDF
Mark S. Weiner 393-394
Book Review: Jewish Agricultural Colonies in New Jersey, 1882-1920, by Ellen Eisenberg PDF
Jeanette Keith 395-396
Book Review: Making a Place for Ourselves: The Black Hospital Movement 1920-1945, by Vanessa Northington Gamble PDF
Lawrence Lamphere 396-398
Book Review: Apostle of Taste: Andrew Jackson Downing, 1815-1852, by David Schuyler PDF
Amelia Peck 398-399
Book Review: J. Horace McFarland: A Thorn for Beauty, by Ernest Morrison PDF
William H. Wilson 399-401
Book Review: Martin Grove Brumbaugh: A Pennsylvania: Odyssey from Sainted Schoolman to Bedeviled World War I Governor, 1862-1930, by Earl C. Kaylor, Jr. PDF
James A. Jolly 401-402
Book Review: The Lively Arts: Gilbert Seldes and the Transformation of Cultural Criticism in the United States, by Michael Kammen PDF
Daniel H. Borus 403-404
Book Review: Maverick's Progress: An Autobiography, by James Thomas Flexner PDF
David C. Ward 404-405
Book Review: The Court-Martial of Mother Jones, edited by Edward M. Steel, Jr. PDF
Lynn Vacca 405-407
Book Review: Invisible Philadelphia: Community through Voluntary Organizations, edited and compiled by Jean Barth Toll and Mildred S. Gilliam PDF
Kenneth Finkel 407-409
Book Review: Princeton University: The First 250 Years, by Don Oberdorfer PDF
David R. Contosta 409-410
Book Review: Villanova, 1842-1992: American-Catholic-Augustinian, by David R. Contosta PDF
Nicholas Varga 410-412


Index 1995 PDF
Conrad Woodall 413-433

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