Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography vol.128, number 4, October 2004

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Front Matter

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Editorial PDF
Tamara Gaskell Miller 241-342


Displaced "Pan-Americans" and the Transofrmation of the Catholic Church in Philadelphia, 1789-1850a PDF
Richard A. Warren 343-366
The Development of Pan-Latino Philadelphia, 1892-1945 PDF
Victor Vazques 367-384
Images of Latino Philadelphia: An Essay in Photographs PDF
Maria Moller, Kathryn E. Wilson 385-398

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: At the Edge of Empire: The Backcountry in British North America, by Eric Hinderaker and Peter C. Mancall. PDF
Krista Camenzind 399-400
Book Reviews: The Papers of George Washington. Revolutionary War Series. Vol. 11, August-October 1777,, edited by Philander D. Chase and Edward G. Lengel, and The Papers of George Washington. Revolutionary War Series. Vol. 12, October-December 1777, edited by Frank E. Grizzard Jr. and David R. Hoth. Philander D. Chase, series editor. PDF
Wayne Bodle 400-403
Book Reviews: A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic, by John Ferling. PDF
Melvin Yazawa 403-405
Book Reviews: Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris, The Rake Who Wrote the Constitution, by Richard Brookhiser. PDF
John Ferling 405-406
Book Reviews: Thomas Jefferson by Joyce Appleby. PDF
Barbara Oberg 406-408
Book Reviews: The Selected Letters of Dolley Payne Madison, edited by David B. Mattern and Holly C. Shulman. PDF
Edith Gelles 408-409
Book Reviews: Signatures of Citizenship: Petitioning, Antislavery, and Women's Political Identity, by Susan Zaeske. PDF
Carolyn J. Lawes 409-411
Book Reviews: Free Hearts and Free Homes: Gender and American Antislavery Politics, by Michael D. Pierson. PDF
Judith Ann Giesberg 411-413
Book Reviews: Black Soldiers in Blue: African American Troops in the Civil War Era, edited by John David Smith. PDF
Donald Uacpvpme 413-414
Book Reviews: The Middle-Class City: Transforming Space and Time in Philadelphia, 1876-1926, by John Henry Hepp IV. PDF
Stuart M. Blumin 414-415
Book Reviews: At America's Gates: Chinese Immigration during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943, by Erika Lee. PDF
Jonathan H. X. Lee 416-417
Book Reviews: Changing the World: American Progressives in War and Revolution, by Alan Dawley. PDF
John Whiteclay Chambers 417-419
Book Reviews: Moment of Grace: The American City in the 1950s, by Michael Johns. PDF
Steven Conn 419-420


Index 2004 PDF

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