Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography vol. 129, number 4, October 2005

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Editorial PDF
Tamara Gaskell Miller 369-370
The President's House Revisited PDF
Edward Lawler 371-410
Six Hosues for the President PDF
Damie Stillman 411-432
Interpreting the Dimensions of Daily Life for the Slaves Living at the President's House and at Mount Vernon PDF
Dennis J. Pogue 433-444
History, Commemoration, and an Interdisciplinary Approach to Interpreting the President's House Site PDF
Doris Devine Fanelli 445-460
The "Black" Eye on George Washinton's "'White' House" PDF
Michael Coard 461-472
Questioning the Answers: Modernizing Public History to Serve the Citizens PDF
Sharon Ann Holt 473-482

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: Circles and Lines: The Shape of Life in Early America, by John Demos. PDF
Thomas M. Allen 483-484
Book Reviews: The Founding Fathers and the Politics of Character, by Andrew S. Trees. PDF
Benjamin H. Irvin 484-485
Book Reviews: Benjamin Rush: Patriot and Physician, by Alyn Brodsky. PDF
Jacquelyn C. Miller 485-486
Book Reviews: Utility and Beauty: Robert Wellford and Composition Ornament in America, by Mark Reinberger. PDF
Amy Hudson Henderson 487-488
Book Reviews: Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories, by Jean M. Humez. PDF
Judith Ann Giesberg 488-489
Book Reviews: Festivals of Freedom: Memory and Meaning in African American Emancipation Celebrations, 1808-1915, by Mitch Kachun. PDF
Gary B. Nash 490-491
Book Reviews: The WPA History of the Negro in Pittsburgh, edited by Laurence A. Glasco. PDF
Eric Ledell Smith 491-492


Index 2005 PDF

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