The Journal is focused exclusively on publication of clinically relevant papers that cover all aspects of neurovascular disease practice and are of interest primarily to non-physician clinicians and stroke administrators.  Relevant content should focus on any of the following subject areas:

  • Primary or secondary stroke prevention topics
  • Stroke emergency management
  • Innovative strategies for organizing stroke care or stroke programs
  • Acute diagnosis and interprofessional management topics in patients with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke including neurocritical care of stroke patients
  • Complication avoidance and complication management in stroke patients
  • Transitions in stroke care across the continuum
  • Stroke center certification preparation
  • Stroke program quality improvement projects
  • Educational preparation of stroke clinicians and/or stroke patients
  • Stroke practice protocols and methods to standardize practice
  • Innovative stroke unit organization and structure

The Journal’s intended readership primarily targets registered nurses, stroke coordinators, advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists), hospital administrators (service line managers, chief nursing officers, quality management officers), pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, students enrolled in health science programs (e.g. medicine, nursing, other allied healthcare programs), and faculty of health science programs. Benefits to authors include promotion on social media and through ANVC membership services, open-access availability of published content and no-cost publishing. New authors will benefit from editorial guidance and assistance.

The goal of the Stroke Clinician is to provide its readership with the high-quality evidence-based information through use of a carefully monitored peer review process and editorial comment. Authors should adhere to the following instructions for submission of manuscripts to the Stroke Clinician. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically by uploading documents to the submission website Authors should utilize Microsoft Word for their submissions; manuscripts will be converted to PDF files for the review process. Manuscripts determined to be improperly prepared will be returned to the authors without undergoing editorial or peer review. All correspondence, including the Editor's decision and request for revisions, will be by e-mail. Authors may send queries concerning the submission process, manuscript status, or journal procedures to the Editorial Office at