Proceedings of the 1994 Women in Engineering Conference: Effecting the Climate

Proceedings of the 1994 WEPAN National Conference, held June 5 - 7, 1994 at The Washington Marriott, Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Responding to Sexual Harassment at Your Institution

Session Synopsis PDF
Designing & Implementing A Sexual Harassment Prevention Program On A Bare Bones Budget PDF
Kathleen A. Bott

Engineering and Architecture for Girls: A Hands-On Workshop

Session Synopsis PDF

Grantsmanship: Developing Successful Proposals

Session Synopsis PDF
Honing Your Grantsmanship Skills: How to Develop A Successful Proposal PDF

Plenary Session I: "Changing the Corporate Environment: Women Making a Difference"

Session Synopsis PDF

Plenary Session II: "National Issues and Challenges Facing Women: Current Legislation"

Session Synopsis PDF

Reflections from Female Deans

Session Synopsis PDF
Her Deanship PDF
Kathleen Mailer

Women in Engineering Programs for High School Students

Session Synopsis PDF
The Career Advancement Plan PDF
Dominique Clarke, Jo-Ann Raines
Developing and Implementing A High School Engineering Career Day PDF
Miriam K. Maslanik, Patricia Berry Glassner
A Taste of the Future: The Summer Engineering Program PDF
G. Zhang, M. Berman, J. Fines

Globalism-Multiculturalism-Pluralism: Implications for Working and Studying Here and There

Session Synopsis PDF
Women Engineers in International Development: Opportunities and Obstacles PDF
Rita Klees
Preparing Women for International Careers PDF
Marche R. Haddad

The Academic Culture: Views from Female Faculty

Session Synopsis PDF
Women Faculty in the Structural Engineering Professions: Academic Climate PDF
Janice J. Trautner, Karen C. Chou

Joint Initiatives: Community Colleges and Four Year Institutions

Session Synopsis PDF
New Jersey Community College Women in Engineering/Technology PDF
Susan Cavin, Judy Valyo
Facilitating the Transfer of Female S & E Students: A University and Community Colleges Coalition PDF
Adrienne R. Karpov, Suzanne G. Brainard
The Non-Traditional Occupation Program at Brevard Community College, Palm Bay, FL PDF
Betty P. Preece
"Brooklyn Bridges:" Reaching Across the Two Year - Four Year Gap PDF
Nancy M. Tooney, Pamela Kramer-Koehler, Mary Maier

Perspectives on Women in the Engineering Workforce

Session Synopsis PDF
A National Survey of Women and Men Engineers PDF
Margaret E. Layne, Patricia L. Eng
The Industrial Experience: How Women Engineers Respond PDF
Linda C. Skidmore

Recruitment and Retention at the Graduate Level

Session Synopsis PDF
Increasing Recruitment and Retention of Women in Engineering at the Graduate School Level PDF
Suzanne G. Brainard

Intervention Programs at the Elementary and Middle School Levels

Session Synopsis PDF
Real-World Mathematics Through Science: Facilitating Equity in Mathematics PDF
Nancy Cook
How Things Work: Helping Girls Explore Technology Engineering Education for Elementary Teachers PDF
Judi Kusnick, Deborah Desrochers, Jeannie Darby
Math Options: Math and Science Equity Programs for Girls, Teachers, and Guidance Counselors PDF
Janice M. Margle

Education/Industry Partnerships

Session Synopsis PDF
University - Industry Engineering Partnerships PDF
Dr. Mary R. Anderson
Introduction to Engineering: Developing a Course That is Sensitive to the Needs of Entering Women Students PDF
Larry Korta

Intervention Programs at the Elementary and Middle School Level

Session Synopsis PDF
"Engineering and Science for the Twenty-First Century Woman: A Pre-College Program" PDF
Cynthia J. Finelli, Laura L. Sullivan, Pamela Y. Loving

Plenary Session III: "Girls and Science: Are They Still Shortchanged?"

Session Synopsis PDF

Recent Findings from the Field

Session Synopsis PDF
Factors in the Underrepresentation of Women in Science and Engineering: A Review of the Literature PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell
A Climate Survey and Needs Assessment PDF
Catherine R. Cosgrove, Stephanie Blaisdell, Dr. Mary R. Anderson
Images of Women in Engineering Textbooks PDF
Lisa M. Frehill
Lobbying Engineering Issues: Advocacy & the Art of Reassembling Nature PDF
Patricia Hinckley
College Women in Engineering: Comparison of Their Backgrounds, Abilities, Values and Goals with Science and Humanities Majors PDF
Susana K. O'Hara

Funding Mechanisms for Systemic Change

Session Synopsis PDF
Funding Mechanisms for Systemic Change PDF
Carol B. Muller
Effective Funding Strategies for Systemic Change: Advice for Corporations and Others Wanting to Make a Difference PDF
Kathleen W. Buechel
The National Science Foundation As a Catalyst for Systemic Change in Higher Education Related to Women in Engineering PDF
Jane Zimmer Daniels

Assessing Students' Needs: Reflecting on the Climate

Session Synopsis PDF
Perspectives on Evaluating Classroom Climate Programs for Women PDF
Mary Margaret Bland
Forming and Maintaining Classroom Groups That Enhance Learning for Women Students PDF
Nina W. Brown
Funding Sources for Pilot Programs PDF
Parveen F. Wahid

Engineering Courses: Developments to Enhance the Retention of Women

Session Synopsis PDF
Chilly Climate Research PDF
C. Jan Carpenter, Laura Kramer
Engineering 102: Introduction to Engineering or "Do I Really Want to Be An Engineer?" PDF
Mary E. Cox
Engineering "Up Front" and Retention of Women/Minority Students: Building Communities of Users Among Women and Minority Students at the Postsecondary Level in Engineering and Design Fields - Why Teamwork Is Important PDF
Pamela Kramer-Koehler, Nancy M. Tooney
First Year For Your Information (F.Y.I.) Centre PDF
Irene R. Mikawoz

Women in Engineering: Progress in the 20th Century and Projection into the 21st Century

Session Synopsis PDF
Women Engineers -- A 100 Year Look Back and Hope for a Leap Forward PDF
William K. LeBold, Dona J. LeBold
Women in Engineering Education: Progress and Projections PDF
Emily M. Wadsworth
Organizations, Conferences, and Publications for Women in Engineering: A Historic Review PDF
Jane Zimmer Daniels

Evaluation of Intervention Strategies: Do They Work?

Session Synopsis PDF
CURIES Conference on Women in Science, Mathematics and Engineering: A Report with WEPAN Contributions PDF
Cinda-Sue Davis


Appendix A: 1994 WEPAN Conference Sponsors PDF
Appendix B: WEPAN National Conference Registrants PDF
Appendix C: WEPAN Conference Program At-A-Glance PDF
Appendix D: WEPAN Regional Meeting Minutes PDF
Appendix E: WEPAN Group Sessions' Minutes PDF
Appendix F: WEPAN Annual Business Meeting Minutes PDF
Appendix G: Index PDF