Proceedings of the 1995 Women in Engineering Conference: "Is Systemic Change Happening?"

Proceedings of the 1995 WEPAN National Conference, held June 4 - 6, 1995 at The Washington Marriott, Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Program Evaluation: Helpful Hints from the Social Sciences PDF
Lisa M. Frehill
Women Engineering Faculty: Exploring Their Views of Success PDF
Stacy A. Wenzel
Session Synopsis PDF
Effective Proposal Writing - What Works PDF
Jane Zimmer Daniels
The Third Choice Technique - How to Manage Our Anger PDF
Arlene F. Norsym

Plenary Session I

Session Synopsis PDF
The Impact Women Will Have in Science and Engineering PDF
Constance W. Rice

Plenary Session II

Session Synopsis PDF
Computing in the 21st Century: Where Will The Jobs Be? PDF
Patty Stonesifer

Engineering Education Abroad: A Reality for Women

Session Synopsis PDF
WITEC -- Women in Technology in the European Community PDF
Dr. Gertrud Humily

Middle School Summer Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
An Intervention Model Program for Middle School Girls PDF
Nancy L. Holland
Fast Forward to Fun Education PDF
Susan L. Smith

Hands On Courses for Women in Engineering

Session Synopsis PDF
Putting Together A Hands-On Experimental Engineering Course PDF
Angelica E. Folson
Evaluation of "How Things Work": A Hands-On Experimental Engineering Course PDF
Mary Margaret Bland
"Building Communities of Users Revisited": A Longitudinal Follow-up of how learning style preferences affect performance and retention of non-majority students in Engineering PDF
Pamela Kramer-Koehler, Nancy M. Tooney, Devendra P. Beke

Organizational Structure and Politics of Established Women in Engineering Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
Organizational Structure and Politics of Established Women in Engineering Programs: A Report of a Roundtable Discussion PDF

Women in the Engineering Profession: Where Do We Stand?

Session Synopsis PDF
Programs for Women Scientists, Engineerings, and Technicians in Fortune 500 Companies PDF
Patricia L. Panlilio, Alyson B. Sherman
Characteristics Perceived As Necessary for Success in Engineering: An Examination of Occupational Sex Role Stereotyping PDF
Tamar A. Elkeles

Community College Initiatives

Session Synopsis PDF
Brooklyn Bridges Revisited: Spanning The Two Year -Four Year Gap PDF
Nancy M. Tooney, Pamela Kramer-Koehler, Sharon DuPree, Mary Maier
Engineering Early Outreach to Community College Women PDF
Catherine R. Cosgrove, Stephanie Blaisdell
Cross-Cultural Gender Issues in Engineering Colleges PDF
Dr. Susan Cavin

Women in Engineering Graduate Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
Design and Evaluation of a Graduate Program for Women in Engineering PDF
Pirouze Saghafi-Adib, Suzanne G. Brainard
Support Programs for Graduate Women in Engineering on a Shoe String PDF
Barbara B. Lazarus, Jessie B. Ramey, Kathleen Minadeo Johnson
Teaching and Research Fellowship Programs: Encouraging Undergraduate Women To Explore Careers in Academia PDF
Julie L. Goldberg
Recruiting and Retaining Women Graduate Students: Supporting Efforts at the Departmental Level PDF
Lynn Schmidtke Lyng, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Teacher Enhancement Programs for K - 12

Session Synopsis PDF
Women in Technology: Increasing the Number of Female Teachers and Students PDF
Jim Flowers

Increasing Women's Patricipation in Engineering Societies

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering Outreach PDF
Lisa A. Ackerman

Campus Climate for Women in Engineering: Perspectives from the Field

Session Synopsis PDF
Female and Male Engineering Student Perceptions Of and Preferences For the Classroom Environment PDF
Karen Paulson
Gender Diversity Issues at the University of Central Florida PDF
Dr. D. Reinhart, Dr. P. Wahid, D. Adams
Potential for Change: Going Beyond Recommendations in a Women's Climate Study PDF
Sue Beske-Diehl, Linda Ott, Christine Anderson

Exploring the Status of Female Faculty and Research Scientists

Session Synopsis PDF
A Study of the Campus Climate for Diversity: The Impact of Campus Climate on Faculty Women PDF
Mary Ann Evans, Marlene Fisher
Women in Physics Climate Study PDF
Dr. Judy R. Franz

Plenary Session III: "Exploring Gender Bias Through Interactive Theater

Session Synopsis PDF

Sloan Foundation Initiatives: Revisited

Session Synopsis PDF
Transforming Sloan Initiatives into Star Programs PDF
Dr. Emily M. Wadsworth
Changing the Culture of Engineering at Cornell: Sloan Foundation Initiatives PDF
Michele D. Fish
Retaining Female Freshmen in Science and Engineering: A Success Story PDF
Suzanne Laurich-McIntyre, Suzanne G. Brainard

K - 12 Intervention Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
"Engineering Your Tomorrow": Girl Scout Badge Workshops PDF
Sharon Zelmanowitz

ECSEL Initiatives for Women

Session Synopsis PDF
ECSEL Initiatives for Women: A Summary in Overheads PDF
Caroline Whitbeck

Issues for Engineering Students With Disabilities

Session Synopsis PDF
A Summary from the Panel of Issues on Engineering Students with Disabilities PDF
Betty Preece

Luncheon Address

Session Synopsis PDF
Women Engineers: Building a Sustainable Future PDF

New Initiatives in the Corporate Arena

Session Synopsis PDF
DuPont Corporate Vision: Work & Life PDF
Cynthia L. Johnson

Undergraduate Retention Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
Community-Building First-Year Student Retreat PDF
Karin L. Mack
Focus Groups: A Method of Evaluating Women in Engineering Programs to Increase Retention PDF
Kristy Johnson, Julie Goldberg
First Semester Observations: Engineering Success Program PDF
Marjorie Leavene

Interdisciplinary Programs and Courses for Undergraduates

Session Synopsis PDF
The History of Women in Engineering and Science - Development of a Course PDF
Holly Patterson, Jan Rinehart, Karan Watson
The Formation of Penn State's Women in the Sciences and Engineering (WISE) Institute PDF
Sharon Jadmak Luck
A Course to Recruit and Retain Women in Engineering PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell


Appendix A: WEPAN National Conference Participants PDF
Appendix B: WEPAN Conference Program At-A-Glance PDF
Appendix C: WEPAN Regional Meeting Minutes PDF
Appendix D: WEPAN Action Group Meeting Minutes PDF
Appendix E: WEPAN Annual Business Meeting Minutes PDF
Appendix F: Indexes: Author Index and Organization Index PDF