Proceedings of the 1996 Women in Engineering Conference: "Capitalizing on Today's Challenges"

Proceedings of the 1996 WEPAN National Conference, held June 1 - 4, 1996 at Hyatt Regency, Denver, Colorado

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Evaluation: Interactive Hands-On Planning

Session Synopsis PDF
AGRED Pre-Conference Evaluation Workshop PDF
Emily M. Wadsworth, Lisa M. Frehill
Background Information on Program Evaluation PDF
Irene F. Goodman, Colleen F. Manning
The Process of Evaluation PDF
Lisa M. Frehill
Reporting Evaluation Results PDF
Emily M. Wadsworth

Steps to Leadership

Steps to Leadership Success PDF
Jill S. Tietjen

Plenary I: Classroom Climate Revisited

Session Synopsis PDF
The Chilly Climate PDF
Bernice R. Sandler

Utilizing Resources Effectively: From the Library to the World Wide Web

Session Synopsis PDF
Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff: Locating and Using Resources for Women PDF
Tanya L. Zanish

Bridging the Gender Gap in Engineering and Science: The Case for Institutional Transformation

Bridging the Gender Gap in Engineering and Science: The Case for Institutional Transformation PDF
Dr. Barbara B. Lazarus, Dr. Indira Nair

Situation of Women Academics in the New Laender in Germany

Situation of the Women Academics in the New Laender of Germany PDF
Dr. Ingrid Doberez

Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: An Awareness Workshop

Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: An Awareness Workshop PDF
Nancy E. Algert

Helping Women Select Career Paths

Session Synopsis PDF
Minority Women in the Engineering Freshman Class (1990-91 to 1995-96) PDF
Sangeetha Purushothaman
Factors That Affect A College Student's Academic and Career Path in Science/Engineering-Related Fields PDF
Mary Julian DeLong
Guiding Attitudes in Career Choice: A Girls' Summer School PDF
Lynette Brodie

Perspectives of Female Executive Scientists & Engineers

Session Synopsis PDF
Perspectives of Female Executive Scientists & Engineers -- Panel Discussion PDF
Michele D. Fish

The Experience of Being a Woman Engineering Student: Perspectives and Coping

Session Synopsis PDF
Strategies of Women Pursuing Degrees in Engineering & Science PDF
Linda Carlin, Suzanne Brainard
Creating Engineers: Processes That Exclude Women PDF
Karen L. Tonso

Navigating Career and Family Paths

Session Synopsis PDF
Navigating Career and Family Paths: An Introduction PDF
Susan Staffin Metz
Navigating Career and Family Paths: A Personal Perspective PDF
Carol McConica
Navigating Career and Family Paths PDF
JoAnn Silverstein

K-12 Programs: Innovative and Collaborative Approaches

Session Synopsis PDF
Partnering A Path for Women in Engineering PDF
Kathy Herbener, Dr. Sharon Carson
PROJECT 199: A Partnership In Association With Public Schools, Industry, and a University to Target the Recruitment of Anglo and Minority Girls Into Engineering PDF
Nancy Bottone Hellman

"Miz Wizard's Science Secrets"

Session Synopsis PDF

Plenary II: Women Engineers and the New Focus on International Education

Session Synopsis PDF
WEPAN National Conference PDF
Dr. William E. Kirwan
Women Engineers in the Global Marketplace PDF
F. Suzanne Jenniches

An Interactive Discussion of International Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
Interactive Discussion of International Programs PDF
Barbara B. Lazarus

Practical Advice for Women in Engineering Program Administrators: What to Do When An Allegation of Sexual Harassment Walks In Your Door

Practical Advice for Women in Engineering Administrators: What to Do When An Allegation of Sexual Harassment Walks In Your Door PDF
Miriam K. Maslanik

Curriculum Reform: Working Towards Gender Equity

Session Synopsis PDF
Working to Achieve A More Gender Neutral Engineering Curriculum PDF
Patricia Laughlin
Humanization of the Engineering Curriculum PDF
Patricia F. Mead, Elizabeth Rosenfeld, David Bigio

Gender Communications: He Said....She Said...

Gender Communications: He Said...She Said PDF
Jerri McKinney, Gary McCarney

Campus Climate Issues

Session Synopsis PDF
A Study of the Campus Climate for Diversity: The Impact of Campus Climate on Engineering Women Students PDF
Mary Ann Evans, Marlene Fisher
Cross-Cultural & Chilly Climate Issues in Engineering PDF
Susan Cavin, Amy Siskind
Women in Physics: Measuring A Chilly Climate PDF
Jean M. Curtin, Geneva Blake, Christine Cassagnau

Corporate Funding Opportunities

Session Synopsis PDF
Corporate Strategies for Increasing the Participation of Women PDF
Karen L. Mack

Maximizing Your Resources: Working Effectively With Student Employees

Maximizing Your Resources: Working Effectively With Student Employees PDF
Kathleen A. Bott

Retention Efforts: Programs That Work

Session Synopsis PDF
Fact Finding: What Are The Needs And What Is Working? PDF
Marsha LoFaro, Sandra C. Cooper
The Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program: A Model Living-Learning Program at the University of Michigan PDF
Cinda-Sue Davis, Mary Hummel
Involving Students Through Building Community: Challenges for Women in Engineering Programs PDF
Jennifer L. Vest, Julie L. Goldberg

K-12 Outreach Programs

Session Synopsis PDF
The GOES Project: A Successful Outreach Program that Introduces Middle School Girls to Engineering PDF
Margaret A. Wheatley, Linda Schadler, Banu Onaral
Combining Mentoring and Service Learning - A New Approach PDF
Jennifer Ocif, Beverly Marshall-Goodell
The Access Program for Women in Science and Engineering (ACCESS W.I.S.E.) PDF
Laura Binkley, Irene R. Mikawoz

Plenary III: Affirmative Action: Promise or Progress? What Lies Ahead?

Session Synopsis PDF
Affirmative Action: Preference, Progress or Promise, What Lies Ahead? PDF
Yvonne Blanchard Freeman

An Interactive Discussion on Affirmative Action

Session Synopsis PDF
Facilitated Discussion: An Interactive Discussion on Affirmative Action PDF
Jill S. Tietjan, Kristy A. Schloss

Programs at Two-Year and Community Colleges

Session Synopsis PDF
Community College Successful Intervention Programs: ATOMS, RSI, and Vocational Gender Equity PDF
Judy Remsberg, Wendy Buie
Females Involved from Regional Schools in the Technology and Engineering (FIRSTE): Overcoming the Challenge of Recruitment PDF
Joan A. Begolly, Tracie L. Brockhoff

New Ways of Looking at Engineering Education: TQM

Session Synopsis PDF

Evaluating the Impact of Two Initiatives

Session Synopsis PDF
The Year of the Women: A Report on the First Year of Coeducation of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology PDF
Caroline Carvill, Susan L. Smith
Factors Influencing Women's Pursuit of a College Science Major or Science Career: An Evaluation of the Women in Science Project (WISP) PDF
Christine M. Cunningham, Mary L. Pavone, Carol Muller

Curriculum Reform: Innovative Teaching Methods

Session Synopsis PDF
Impact of an Alternative Teaching Method: Perspectives of Minority Female Engineering Students PDF
Dr. J.A. Perkins, Dr. J.K. Dabipi, Professor L.F. Simmons
Inside Engineering Faculties: Developing A New Layer of Advocacy in Australia PDF
Sue Lewis
The National Centre for Women: Employment Education and Training for Women in Non-Traditional Areas PDF
Sue Lewis

Campus Climate: Perspectives from Coalitions

Session Synopsis PDF
Efforts to Retain Women and Minorities in Engineering: A Perspective of the Foundation Coalition Project PDF
Karan Watson, Jorja Kimball, Karen Frair, Mary Rowland-Anderson
Engineering Education for Women: A Chilly Climate? PDF
Deborah Collins, Alan E. Bayer, Deidre A. Hirschfeld

Poster Sessions

Poster Session Presenters PDF
Linking Girls and Their Technological Futures Through Informal Science: An Implementation Model in Iowa PDF
Krishna S. Athreya
Careers of Women Who Study Physics: Findings from a Survey of Sigma Pi Sigma Members PDF
Geneva Blake
Careers in Science and Engineering: A Speaker's Series in Collaboration With An NSF Visiting Professor PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell, Angela Middleton, Mary Anderson-Rowland
Critical Connections: The Secret to the Success of Women in Math, Science and Engineering PDF
Sandra C. Cooper, Charlena H. Grimes
An Intervention Strategy to Retain Women Students In Engineering: ENGR 194 Seminar and Small Groups PDF
Jane Z. Daniels, Janine K. Reklaitis
Clustering to Improve Retention of Women in Engineering PDF
Michael H. Gregg, Deidre Hirschfeld, Bevlee Watford
1996 CSU SWE and Beattie Elementary Girls in Math and Science Club Sled Design Contest PDF
Susan P. James, Mary K. O'Connell
Math Options, A Math and Science Program for Young Women: The Past, The Present, and the Future PDF
Janice M. Margle, Patricia VanLeuvan
Freshmen P.O.W.E.R. PDF
Dorie McCubbrey, Mary C. Verstraete
Wonder to Exploration: A Collaborative Effort Between A WISE Program and the Girl Scouts to Introduce Girls to Engineering PDF
Angela Middleton, Stephanie Blaisdell, Mary Anderson-Rowland
Early Cooperative Work Experience: A Comparison for Male and Female Freshman Engineering Students PDF
L. Sullivan, S. James
Idaho Jems: A Pre-College Engineering Experience for High School Students PDF
Jean A. Teasdale
"Armed & Dangerous - Camp GMI, A Place for Girls" PDF
Edith Withey


Appendix A: WEPAN National Conference Participants PDF
Appendix B: WEPAN National Conference Program-At-A-Glance PDF
Appendix C: WEPAN National Conference Annual Business Meeting PDF
Appendix D: WEPAN National Conference Action Group Meetings PDF
Appendix E: WEPAN National Conference Indexes PDF