Proceedings of the 1997 WEPAN/NAMEPA Joint National Conference: "Impacting Change Tbrough Collaboration"

Proceedings of the 1997 WEPAN National Conference, held March 8 - 11, 1997 at

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Stimulating the Pipeline: Mentoring Pre-College Students for Maximum Impact

Session Synopsis PDF
Mentor Relationships Between Undergraduate and High School Students PDF
Edith Steinfeld, David L. Ferguson
Collaborations for Informal Science PDF
Krishna Siddhanta Athreya

Addressing Social, Political, and Economic Change Through Curriculum Innovation

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering and Society: An Interdisciplinary Course in the Social Aspects of Engineering Practice PDF
Linda M. Head
Enhancing Interdisciplinary Engineering and Marketing Skills PDF
R.M. Seymour, Kim McKeage, Deborah Skinner, Darrell W. Donahue, Tom Christensen

Undergraduate Research: An Emerging Strategy for Increasing the Participation of Minorities and Women in SEM

Session Synopsis PDF
Research Opportunity Program for Students from HBCUs, Women's Colleges and Hispanic-Serving Institutions PDF
Pamela R. Lucas
Planting the Graduate School Seed: The Marian Sarah Parker Scholars Program PDF
Susan A. Burke, Cinda-Sue Davis, Kimberlee Kearfott

A Model for Preparing the Workforce of the Future

Session Synopsis PDF

Workshop: Achieving and Sustaining Diversity in the Workplace

Session Synopsis PDF
Workshop: Achieving and Sustaining Diversity in the Work Place PDF
Teri Rodriguez

NSF Coalition Initiatives

Session Synopsis PDF
Gateway Engineering Education Coalition: An Effective Mode for Change PDF
Dr. Dawn Person, Sunny Park Suh
Wise-Up: A Foundation Coalition Effort to Recruit Women Into Engineering PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell, Mary R. Anderson-Rowland

Women and Minority Faculty: Why So Few?

Session Synopsis PDF
Factors Affecting the Representation of Women Among Engineering Faculty PDF
Linda C. Skidmore
Faculty Diversity in Engineering and Science: How Hard Can It Be? PDF
Judy Jackson

Industry/School Partnerships

Session Synopsis PDF
The United Technologies/Trinity College Engineering Initiative (UTCEI): A Model for the Partnership of the Future PDF
Christine Caragianis-Broadbridge, Renee N. Johnson

Re-Engineering the Academic Experience to Address Race and Gender Issues

Session Synopsis PDF
Faculty/Student/Administration Collaborations for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Course Reform PDF
Catherine Dawson, David Targan, Meg Wiley
Classroom Climate Workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants: Two Years of Results PDF
Dr. Emily M. Wadsworth, Roland Thorpe, David Foster

Instructional and Advising Strategies to Retain Women and Minorities

Session Synopsis PDF
SUCCESS 101: Road Map for the Successful Student PDF
Velma J. Deleveaux, Saundra D. Johnson
Clustering Women and Students of Color In An Orientation Class for Engineering Students PDF
Brenda G. Hart

Creating Living and Learning Experiences That Impact Academic Success

Session Synopsis PDF
Two Complementary Programs Designed to Enhance the Science and Engineering Environment PDF
Charlena H. Grimes, Marsha LeFare, Sandra C. Cooper
Impact Assessment of An SEM Residence Hall: Does it really affect the success of students in science and engineering? PDF
Marsha LeFare, Sandra C. Cooper, Sheryl Giarritta
Enhancing Commitment: First Year Student Retreat PDF
Julian Martinez

Undergraduate Retention Issues for Women in S&E

Session Synopsis PDF
Geek Mythology and Attracting Undergraduate Women to Computer Science PDF
Jane Margolis, Allen Fisher
Factors Contributing to the Under-representation of Women in Physics-Based Engineering Fields PDF
Julie Anne Schuck, Michele Fish

Maximizing Collaborative Efforts for Success

Session Synopsis PDF
Maximizing Collaborative Efforts for Success: SECME/TAME Partnership PDF
Patricia Berry Glassner

Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering: Findings After Ten Years

Session Synopsis PDF

Collaborative Efforts Between WIE and MEP Programs to Optimize Resources and Impact

Session Synopsis PDF
Beyond Boundaries: Collaborative Partnerships Encompassing All Engineering Student Service Programs PDF
Ryan Mitchell, Karin Mack

Model Programs to Attract Women to SEM At Various Stages in the Pipeline

Session Synopsis PDF
A Two-Year College / Four-Year University Bridge Into the Future PDF
Dorie McCubbrey, Kelly Mullane
The Sloan Graduate Experience Project at the University of Michigan PDF
Margaret N. Dykens, Cinda-Sue Davis, Kimberlee Kearfott

Postcards from a Road Less Traveled

Session Synopsis PDF

The Impact of Gender, Identity, Race, and Ethnicity on Students' Perception of the SEM Experience

Session Synopsis PDF
College of Engineering Attitude About Engineering Survey, Fall 1995: Study of Matriculants and Non-Matriculants by Gender PDF
Hugh Fuller, Susan C. Grant, Kristine C. Lawyer, Richard L. Porter, Sarah A. Rajala
Gender Sensitivity Training for Engineering and Science Faculty: A Multimedia Game Approach PDF
Dr. Susan Cavin, Dr. Amy Siskind
Experiences of African American Students and Women and Minority Engineering Faculty in Attaining Their Educational Goals PDF
Gloria P. Hill, Patricia Laughlin, John C. Weidman

The Use of Curriculum Design and Content to Attract and Retain Minorities and Women in SEM

Session Synopsis PDF
WonderWorks: A Collaborative Curriculum for Women in Engineering PDF
H.S. Cornachione, Valerie J. Vance
Orientation into Engineering and College Success: A Six Year Evaluation PDF
Forest Dent Smith

Understanding the Participation of Women in the SEM Workforce: Findings from the Field

Session Synopsis PDF
Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering PDF
Susan Ambrose, Kristin Dunkle, Barbara Lazarus, Indira Nair, Lisa Ritter
Nurturing Academic Careers: Dual Careers and Shared Positions PDF
Catherine Jay Didion

Improving K-12 Access to Science Through Community Collaboration

Session Synopsis PDF
Mission Science PDF
Larry Lim

Power, Affinity, and Peer Groups That Enhance Retention and Academic Performance

Session Synopsis PDF
Power Groups for Engineering Students PDF
Sally Steadman, David Whitman, Bruce Dewey
Building Affinity Groups to Enable and Encourage Student Success in Computing PDF
Ann Gates, Nelly Delgado, Andrew Bernat, Sergio Cabrera
Establishing Peer Groups: An Effective Approach to Retain First Year Women in Engineering PDF
Janine K. Reklaitis, Jane Z. Daniels

Curriculum Development and Utilization

Session Synopsis PDF
A Curriculum for Training Mentors and Mentees PDF
Debrah Harkus, Suzanne G. Brainard
Materials At Work: An Analysis of Increasing Access for Women in Engineering PDF
Kathryn Acerbo Bachmann, Patricia B. Campbell

Affirmative Action Updates, Innovations and New Initiatives

Session Synopsis PDF
Affirmative Action and the Impact on Minority Engineering Programs PDF
Robert H. Willis

The Past, Present and Future of E-Mentoring: A Cost Effective Strategy for Retention in SEM Fields

Session Synopsis PDF
Telementoring: Designing On-line Mentoring Environments for High School Women in Science and Technical Courses PDF
Dorothy T. Bennett, Naomi Hupert, Kallen Tsikalas, Terri Meade
The CRA Distributed Mentor Project: Mentoring Undergraduate Women in Computer Science and Computer Engineering PDF
Baine B. Alexander, Anne E. Condon, Mary K. Vernon
The Womein in Science Project at Dartmouth College Electronic Mentoring Program PDF
Mary L. Pavone, Kathy S. Weaver
A National Electronic Industrial Mentoring Program for Women Students in Science and Engineering: Plan and Proposal PDF
Carol B. Muller

Pre-College Initiatives: Replenishing the Pipeline

Session Synopsis PDF
Step Middle School Science Project PDF
Malik K. Afridi
KEYS to Empowering Youth: Cross-Institutional Collaboration in Engineering Outreach for 11-13 Year-Old Girls PDF
Kuan H. Wong, Frances A. Kelley, Jennifer L. Vest
CHROME: A Successful Collaboration That Works PDF
Teresa Beatty, Katura Harvey

Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: An Awareness and Experiential Workshop

Session Synopsis PDF

Monitoring Undergraduate Engineering Students from Matriculation Through Graduation

Session Synopsis PDF
Tracking Undergraduate Engineering Students From Matriculation Through Graduation PDF
Miriam K. Maslanik

Corporate Lessons Learned On Issues Of College Relations And Diversity

Session Synopsis PDF
Corporate Lessons Learned On Issues Of College Relations And Diversity PDF
Tony D. Marable

Preparing A Competitive Workforce Through Public-Private Partnerships

Session Synopsis PDF

Plenary: Dean's Panel

Session Synopsis PDF
Diversity in Engineering -- A Dean's Perspective PDF
Elsa Garmire
A Woman's Place May Be In Engineering PDF
James H. Johnson, Leatha Simmons Mitchell
A Female Dean of Engineering Asks - Have Things Really Changed for Women in Engineering? PDF
Kathleen Mailer

Amo Reports on the 105th Congress

Session Synopsis PDF

Capitol Hill Visit

Session Synopsis PDF
Report on the Capital Hill Run PDF
Arlene Norsym

International Program Session

Session Synopsis PDF
Expanding WEPAN's International Horizons PDF
Suzanne G. Brainard, Gertrud Humily, Barbara Rossmiller, Suzie Laurich-McIntyre, Peggy Blumenthal, Judi Wangalwa Wakhungu, Mona Dahms, Ingrid Doberenz, Marie-Noelle Barton


Appendix A: WEPAN/NAMEPA Joint National Conference Participants PDF
Appendix B: Affirmative Action White Paper PDF
Appendix C: WEPAN Action Group Minutes PDF
Appendix D: WEPAN/NAMEPA Joint National Conference Indexes PDF