Proceedings of the 1998 Women in Engineering Conference: "Creating A Global Engineering Community Through Partnerships"

Proceedings of the 1998 WEPAN National Conference, held June 14 - 16, 1998 at Seattle, Washington

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Welcome Address

Session Synopsis PDF
Welcome Address PDF
Susan Staffin Metz

Opening Plenary: Perspectives from Executive Women On Our Future

Session Synopsis PDF

Corporate Diversity Programs

Session Synopsis PDF

Navigating the Tenure Track

Session Synopsis PDF
Achieving Tenure PDF
Nina W. Brown
Navigating the Tenure Track Through Effective Collaboration PDF
Pamela R. McCauley-Bell, Lesia L. Crumpton-Young

International Issues

Session Synopsis PDF
Summary of Results and Recommendations: The April 1998 International WEPAN Working Session PDF
Suzanne G. Brainard

Strategies For Closing the Gender Gap

Session Synopsis PDF
Predictors of Women's Entry into Engineering: Why Academic Preparation Is Not Sufficient PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell
An Interactive CD ROM to Sensitize Engineering Students to Diversity Issues PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell, Constantine Andreyev, Russell Jones

Faculty: Mentoring, Advising and Family Work Policies

Session Synopsis PDF
Collected Wisdom: Lessons Learned in the Trenches PDF
Carol A. Dickson, Melek Yalcintas, Martha E. Crosby
The Family-Friendly University: What Are The Questions, Where Are The Answers? PDF
Connie R. Borowicz
Students in Crisis PDF
J.M.J. McDill, M. Frize

International Engineering Curriculum and Programs: Denmark, Sweden and Canada

Session Synopsis PDF
Export Engineering PDF
Knud Holm Hansen
What About Career? a comparison of opinions and opportunities of career among female and male engineers in Sweden PDF
Inger Grufman

International Plenary: Global Challenges for Women in Engineering

Session Synopsis PDF
Global Challenge for Women in Engineering PDF
Hans Peter Jensen

Balancing Teaching, Advising, Research and Service

Session Synopsis PDF

Gender Equity and Classroom Climate

Session Synopsis PDF
A Campus Climate Survey at Texas A&M University PDF
Jan Rinehart, Karan Watson
Classroom Climate Workshops on Gender Equity: Model Development at Purdue University PDF
Dr. Emily M. Wadsworth
6APT: Teaching Gender Equity With And For Computer Science PDF
Allan Fisher, Jo Sanders
The Penn State ECSEL Learning Environment Workshop: A Progress Report PDF
Barbara Bogue, Rose M. Marra, Tom Litzinger, Saundra Johnson

Evaluation and New Initiatives

Session Synopsis PDF

International Projects for Promoting Women in Science and Engineering

Session Synopsis PDF
Global Strategies for Educating Girls in Science PDF
Yolanda S. George, Alice Mastrangelo Gittler, Nathan E. Bell

WIE Program Development From Concept Through Funding

Session Synopsis PDF
Writing Your First Proposal PDF
Jane Zimmer Daniels

Success By Design

Session Synopsis PDF

Plenary: Preparation for the Global Workforce

Session Synopsis PDF
Remarks to the June 15, 1998 WEPAN Conference PDF
Dr. Martha Krebs

Pre-College Programs & Curriculum: Do They Work?

Session Synopsis PDF
Real-World Mathematics Through Science: Facilitating Equity in Mathematics PDF
Nancy Cook, Patricia MacGowan
High School Science Attitudes and Achievement: A Longitudinal Study Using Role Models PDF
Elizabeth Dunkman Riesz, Sandra L. Stephen
Engineering Careers Workshop for High Schools Girls And Their Mothers PDF
Neda Fabris

Strategies for Climbing the Academic Career Ladder

Session Synopsis PDF
Strategies for Climbing the Academic Ladder PDF
Sandra Cooper, Catherine Didion, Nancy M. Tooney, Linda H. Mantel

Feminism, Women's Studies and Engineering: Opportunities and Obstacles

Session Synopsis PDF
Feminism, Women's Studies and Engineering: Opportunities and Obstacles PDF
Banu Subramaniam, Angela Ginorio, Shirley Yee

International Perspectives: India, Romania and the United Kingdom

Session Synopsis PDF
Transforming the Engineering Curricula - Gender Equity in Engineering in Denmark PDF
Mona Dahms
Women in Science and Engineering in the United Kingdom PDF
Marie-Noelle Barton
Technical and Vocational Education for Women System's Analysis PDF
Prof. Masooda Yasin

Training Mentors and Mentees in S&E: Workshop

Session Synopsis PDF
A Curriculum for Training Mentors and Mentees PDF
Suzanne G. Brainard

Retention of Women in Science & Engineering

Session Synopsis PDF
Retention of Freshman Women Engineering Students Through An Ability-Based Learning Seminar PDF
Judy C. Aull, Carolyn L. McCreary, Ashley C. A. Dunham
Impact of a Gender-Balanced Summer Engineering and Science Program on Future Course and Career Choices PDF
Monique Frize

Plenary: ABET 2000 And Beyond

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering Criteria 2000: A New Paradigm Driver PDF
Edward A. Parrish

Mentoring Models: Using Technology

Session Synopsis PDF
The Value of Industrial Electronic Mentoring Program: What Have We Learned Over Two Years? PDF
Kathy Scott Weaver, Cynthia A. Char
Mentoring of Young Women Using Distance Technology PDF
Patricia Albanese Pitkin, Catherine J. Erbland

Academic Climate and Student Retention

Session Synopsis PDF
A Model Partnership to Recruit and to Retain Underrepresented Engineering Students PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Stephanie Blaisdell, Shawna Fletcher, Peggy Fussell, Mary Ann McCartney, Maria Reyes
The ESTEAM Program's Phase I Results: Faculty Views on Engineering Student Team Effectiveness PDF
D. Moore, P. Mead, M. Natishan, L. Schmidt, C. Lathan, Sarah Mouring

WIE Role in Corporate Connections to High Potential Students

Session Synopsis PDF

Innovative Approaches to Diversity

Session Synopsis PDF
Curriculum, Methods, and Males: Problems and Solutions to Low Female Enrollment in College and Pre-College Technological Courses PDF
Jim Flowers

Curriculum Programs: K Through Graduate School

Session Synopsis PDF
Women, Science, and Culture: A course for first-year women and minority students in SEM PDF
Sandra Cooper, Judy Meuth
G. E. Foundation Faculty for the Future Program at Texas A&M University PDF
Marilyn Green, Teresa Wright

Affirmative Action Update: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?

Session Synopsis PDF

Poster Sessions

Session Synopsis PDF
Mentoring: The Immigrating Professional's Step to Success PDF
Angela A. Prymas, Robert Macartney
Tech Star Seminars PDF
Sandra Cooper, Claudia Pacioni, Tamara Mobbs


Appendix A: WEPAN National Conference Participants PDF
Appendix B: WEPAN Interest Group Meetings PDF
Appendix C: 1998 WEPAN Awards PDF
Appendix D: Author Index PDF
Appendix E: Organizational Index PDF