Proceedings of the 2000 WEPAN National Conference: "Second Stage Transformation: Creating A New Vision in the 21st Century"

Proceedings of the 2000 WEPAN National Conference, held June 25 - 27, 2000 at Washington, DC

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Keynote Speaker I

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Special Welcome Session for Newcomers

Session Synopsis PDF

Research and Evluation: Keys to Success

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering Students' Perceptions of their Educational Experiences: the Effects of Gender within Minority Membership PDF
Rita Caso, Tricia Draughn
Profiles of Persistence Among Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering PDF
Leslie Pendleton Graham

The Academic Experience: Faculty

Session Synopsis PDF
The Athena Project: Its aims, achievements to date and plans for the future PDF
Dr. Susan Bullivant
Dilemmas in the Mentoring of Faculty Women in Engineering: "The heroic journey" versus "The caring community" PDF
Naomi Chesler, Mark Chesler
Survive and Thrive: Guided Mentoring for Untenured Faculty PDF
Wendy C. Crone

Keynote Speaker II

Session Synopsis PDF

Professional Development Workshop I

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Behavior Profiles: Its Influence On Your Workplace Environment PDF
Nancy E. Algert, Karan Watson

The K-12 Experience: Laying the Foundation I

Session Synopsis PDF
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Week: A Career Exploration Program for 11th-Grade Women PDF
Judi W. Wakhungu, Catherine L. Rung, Nuket Acar
AWE: A Workshop for Attracting Middle School Girls to Engineering PDF
Kauser Jahan, Beena Sukumaran, Linda M Head, Zenaida O. Kell

The College Experience: Recruitment and Retention I

Session Synopsis PDF
CONNECTIONS: A Program for Women Studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at Northeastern University PDF
Dr. Jo-Anne Hart
Welcome to the "Risk Zone": Cooper Union's Collaboration With Outward Bound PDF
Judith E. Lycsko, Andrea Newmark

New Realities in the Workplace

Session Synopsis PDF
"Strategies Within": Forum to Provide Input to CAWMSET & Effect Internal Change PDF
Mary Claire Stoddard, Janet Ann Lamph, Tristan Pico, Rosemary Walling

Keynote Speaker III

Session Synopsis PDF

An Administrative View

Session Synopsis PDF
Designing Engineering and Science Education for the 21st Century PDF
Suzanne Franks, Richard Gallagher, Jeff Wright, Jane Z. Daniels, Jill S. Tietjen

The K-12 Experience: Laying the Foundation II

Session Synopsis PDF
Using Robots to Build Engineers PDF
Cathryne Stein

Research and Evaluation: Keys to Success I

Session Synopsis PDF
The Impact of Undergraduate Research in SEM Persistence: A Retrospective Study of Dartmouth College Science Alumnae PDF
Cynthia A. Char, Kathy Scott Weaver, Mary Pavone

The K-12 Experience: Laying the Foundation III

Session Synopsis PDF
Computer Hardware Diagnosis and Repair for Women and Girls PDF
Judi W. Wakhungu, Nuket Acar, Catherine L. Rung

The Engineering Workplace

Session Synopsis PDF
Gender Stereotyping in the Engineering Workplace PDF
Otherism: Being Female in a (Still) Male Engineering World PDF
Ethel Grodzins Romm

Research and Evaluation: Keys to Success II

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering As A Career Choice: Strengthening the Weakest Link PDF
Helenmarie Hofman
The Female Scientist in the 21st Century PDF
Shira Perlis

The K-12 Experience: Laying the Foundation IV

Session Synopsis PDF
High School Outreach Program (HOP) PDF
Patricia Draughn, Jan Rinehart
Edible Cars Make Girls Winners! PDF
Frances McBroom Thompson

The College Experience: Recruitment and Retention II

Session Synopsis PDF
Developing Retention Strategies and Preventative Measures for Women in Engineering and the Applied Sciences PDF
Shawna Fletcher, Dr. Mary Anderson-Rowland
Focusing on Programs for Women That Promote Retention PDF
Velma Cotton, Tao Peng
Partnering for Energy Efficiency Within the University Community PDF
Dr. M. Kathryn Mathis, Ms. Linda Hardymon

Research and Evaluation: Keys to Success III

Session Synopsis PDF
Undergraduate Research As A Vehicle for Success for Women in Engineering PDF
Janet Stocks, Barbara Lazarus
The Wise Residence Program: Is It Working and How Do We Know? PDF
Cinda-Sue Davis, Russel S. Hathaway, Sally Sharp

Keynote Speaker IV

Session Synopsis PDF

The K-12 Experience: Laying the Foundation V

Session Synopsis PDF
Engineering Links - When Engineers Don't Teach And Teachers Don't Engineer PDF
Betty J. Jacobs
Women in Action Summer Program PDF
Lisa Bostick, Teresa Sappington
Multiplying Her Options: Encouraging Girls and Young Women to Pursue Opportunities in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology PDF
Teresa E. Boyd

Research and Evaluation: Keys to Success IV

Session Synopsis PDF
Women's Experiences in College Engineering and Support Programs: Findings from the WECE Project PDF
Christine M. Cunningham, Meredith Thompson, Cathy P. Lachapelle, Irene F. Goodman, Katherine C. Bittinger

The College Experience: Recruitment and Retention III

Session Synopsis PDF
Retaining Freshmen Women Engineering Students Through Inclusive Learning Communities PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Susan G. Hang, Joseph E. Urban, Ellen F. Braun

Keynote Speaker V

Session Synopsis PDF

Research and Evaluation: Keys to Success V

Session Synopsis PDF
Students' Decisions to Enter Engineering: How Men and Women Differ PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell

The College Experience: Curriculum

Session Synopsis PDF
A Walk On The Moon: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry-Based Course PDF
Catherine Mavriplis, Rachelle S. Heller, Charlene C. Sorensen, H. David Snyder
Culture Shock in Engineering Education PDF
Deborah Messer
Focusing Freshman Engineering and Design on Women and Technology PDF
Jim Morgan, Denise Martinez

Professional Development Workshop II

Session Synopsis PDF


Appendix A: Author Index PDF
Appendix B: Organizational Index PDF