Proceedings of the 2001 NAMEPA/WEPAN Joint National Conference: "Co-Champions for Diversity in Engineering"

Proceedings of the 2001 WEPAN National Conference, held April 21 - 24, 2001 at Alexandria, Virginia

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Keynote Speaker

Session Synopsis PDF

Undergraduate Research Discussion

Leveraging Undergraduate Research PDF
Sheila M. Humphreys, Marie A. Mayne

Industry Retention Program Discussion

Mentoring Partnership Program for Women PDF
George Gant, Kimberly R. Houston-Philpot

Pre-College Round table Discussion

Evaluating the Success of an Underrepresented Minority Summer Recruitment Program for Rising Juniors and Seniors PDF
Cathryne L. Jordan, Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
Experiences from an IBM EXCITE Camp at Purdue University PDF
Carol S. Stwalley

Retention Discussion I

Retention of Women in Undergraduate Engineering Programs: An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Educational Resilience PDF
James M. Graham, Rita Caso
A Gender Lens on Rowan University's College of Engineering PDF
Harriet Hartman
First-Year Women in Science and Engineering Research: Attuning Programs to Benefit Average Students PDF
Judi Wangalwa Wakhungu, Myrna A. Covington, Lisa L. Brown

Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Session Synopsis PDF

A Statewide Approach

Future Scientists and Engineers of America: A Model K-12 Program PDF
Keith A. Brush
Aiming at Systemic Change by Addressing Equity Head On PDF
Christine L. Andrews, J.D. Wilkins, Leslie Wilkins
Environmental and Spatial Technology (East) Project -- An Industry/Education Collaboration That Works for Females and Minorities PDF
Christine L. Andrews, J.D. Wilkins, Leslie Wilkins

Alumni Perceptions

Alumni Perceptions Males Versus Females: Is There A Difference in the Quality of Life After Completing An Undergraduate Engineering Degree? PDF
Winnie Black

Changing Institutional Culture Towards Diversity

Tilting the Bowl: Changing Institutional Culture Towards Diversity PDF
Jeff R. Wright

Pre-College Project Session

AWE: An Interactive Project Session PDF
Kauser Jahan, Beena Sukumaran, Linda M. Head, Jennifer Kadlowec

Faculty Interactions With Students

Using Interactive Theater to Enhance Classroom Climate PDF
Alice M. Agogino, Edith Ng, Carla Trujillo

Community College Collaborations

Rapid Prototyping As An Instructional and Recruitment Tool For Attracting Qualified High-School Students to Engineering As A Career Option PDF
Ray Umashankar, Chris Choi, Ranji Vaidyanathan
Preparing International Graduate Teaching Assistants As Future Engineering Professionals Through Undergraduate Tutoring and Mentoring Program PDF
P. Ruby Mawasha, Paul C. Lam, Donna Hrkol
Partnership Building for Minority Engineering Transfer Students PDF
W. Floyd Harris, Jennifer Videtto, Michelle Schoenborn

Perspectives From Industry

Women in Engineering: Incorporating Education and Experience from Behind the Iron Curtain in United States PDF
Maria Petrov

General Session and Keynote Speaker

Session Synopsis PDF

Breakfast and Keynote Speaker

Session Synopsis PDF

Retention Discussion II

Fast Track to Achievement: Promoting Achievement Behaviors in Engineering Freshmen PDF
Grace E. Mack, John A. Wheatland, Bryant D. Henson
Increasing Retention Through A Year-Long Orientation Program PDF
Barbara Bogue

Pre-College Discussion

"A Facilitated Discussion On A Unified Approach PDF
Martha N. Cyr

Graduate Student Discussion

Leveraging Institutional and Governmental Resources to Benefit Minorities and Women in Engineering and the Sciences PDF
Anne E. Donnelly, Dovie Gamble, Joe Glover, Danisha Duncan
Navigating the Ph.D.: Strategies for Women in Engineering and Science PDF
Barbara B. Lazarus, Lisa M. Ritter, Susan A. Ambrose

Curriculum Discussion

The Virginia Tech / Honeywell International Summer Management Communication Skills Summer Program for Undergraduate Women in Engineering PDF
Eric Pappas, Dana Swartz
Building Self-Esteeem Through A Cooperative Learning Blacks in Science PDF
Edward N. Prather

Pre-College Research Discussion

Gender Differences in Grades 7 and 10 Students Towards Science, Math, Computers and Future Career Choices PDF
M. Elizabeth Cannon, Judy L. Lupart
With the Best Intentions: Rethinking the Fit Between Women and Technology PDF
Nancy Steffen-Fluhr, Anne Wiley

Internal Discussion

Expanding the Global Alliance for Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce PDF
Suzanne G. Brainard, Yolanda S. George, Shirley M. Malcolm, Priti N. Mody
The Gender and Science and Technology (GASAT) Association PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Jayshree A. Mehta

Continental Breakfast and Dean's Panel

Dean's Panel Participant Bio: Denice D. Denton PDF
Dean's Panel Participant Bio: Kristina M. Johnson PDF
Dean's Panel Participant Bio: Maria Klawe PDF

Research Discussion

The 4CS-Community, Confidence, Commitment, and Climate: What Makes Engineering A Girl's Best Friend? PDF
Christine M. Cunningham, Meredith Thompson, Katherine C. Bittinger, Cathy P. Lachapelle, Irene F. Goodman

Pre-College Teacher Collaborations

The SECME Partnership: Preparing Educational and Technical Leadership for Today's Cyber Civilization PDF
Yvonne B. Freeman
Assessing Attitudinal Change in An Engineering Teacher Professional Development Program PDF
Patricia M. Secola, Bettie A. Smiley, Mary R. Anderson-Rowland

Retention Through Mentoring Discussion

E-Mentor: An Electronic Mentoring Program for Undergraduates From Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Institutions and Tribal Colleges PDF
Gay Kendall
MentorNet: Lessons Learned in Building A Large-Scale E-Mentoring Program PDF
Jennifer Dockter, Monica H. Lin, Peggy Waterfall, Carol B. Muller

Assessment and Evaluation Discussion

Design a WIE Program With the Right Focus PDF
Michelle Schoenborn, W. Floyd Harris, Jennifer Videtto
Co-Champions for Diversity in Engineering: The Office of Student Affairs/University Faculty/K-12 School Districts/Industry PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Doris Roman, Maria A. Reyes, Dana C. Newell, Richard D. Filley, Joseph E. Urban, Janita Pickett-Gordon, Margaret A. Fussell, Patricia M. Secola, Cathryne L. Jordan, Shawna L. Fletcher, Jennifer K. Adair, Leyla D. Newton

Graduate Retention Discussion

Creating A Critical Mass: Inter-University Programming For Students Of Color PDF
Nancy Klancher
Changing the Environment Through Student Organization: Learning From Our Muses PDF
Michelle Meredith, Susan Burke

Pre-College Activities

Community Outreach to Instill Interest in Science and Engineering PDF
Gay Kendall, Mark Johnson

Recruitment Discussion

Accelerating the Growth of the Participation of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Engineering? PDF
Karan Watson, Jan Rinehart, Tricia Draughn, Nancy Algert

Author Index

Author Index PDF