2002 WEPAN National Conference Proceedings: "Engineering for ALL Women: Exploring Perspectives/Ingeniería para TODAS las mujeres: Explorando Perspectivas"

Proceedings of the 2002 WEPAN National Conference, held June 8 - 11, 2002 at The Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Table of Contents


Asian Engineers in the U.S. Engineering Workforce: Data from SWE's 1993 Survey of Women and Men Engineers PDF
Patricia L. Eng, M. "Peggy" Layne

Creating Inclusive Environments

Using the Technology-Mediated Instruction to Incorporate Culturally Based Training Materials PDF
Barbara Williams
Impact vs. Intent: Diversity Evaluation Guide for WEPAN and WIE Programs PDF
Phyllis M. Brady
Performance Of Hispanic Women In A Master Degree Program – Current And Future Initiatives To Improve Performance PDF
Miriam Pabón-González
A Place Of Her Own? Strategies For Supporting Graduate Women Of Color PDF
Michelle Butler, Kim Lewis
Gender Bias Towards Engineering Careers: Does It Still Exist? PDF
Lisa Anderson, Kimberley Gilbride

Faculty and Institutional Transformation

Promoting Change Through Faculty Self-Assessment: The Results Of An Initial Survey PDF
Sonia M. Bartolomei-Suárez, Viviana I. Cesaní-Vázquez, María A. Irizarry, Jeannette Santos, Freya M. Toledo-Feria

Pre-College Outreach and Recruitment

Making The Connection To Engineering: Industry Internships For Pre-College PDF
Marcela Castro, Bettie A. Smiley, Patricia M. Secola, Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
The Grow Project: Establishing A School/University/Industry/Government Network PDF
Suzanne E. Franks, Susan Arnold, Beth Montelone, Ruth A. Dyer, Jackie Spears, Dolores Takemoto
Education Is A Non-Flat Thinking Venture PDF
Mitzi R. Vernon
Rebuilding The Pipeline Of Women In Engineering PDF
Meow Yee
EXCITE Camp For Native Hawaiian Middle School Girls PDF
Christine L. Andrews, Leslie Wilkins
Evolution Of The Engineers Of The Future Summer Institute PDF
Evelyn Hanna, Ilene Rosen, Ronald Collado
Collaboration Between The Girl Scouts Of Utah And The University Of Utah Building A Better Future Through Engineering PDF
JoAnn Lighty, Susan Philyaw, Cathy Barnhart, Jolie Coleman

Academic and Support Program Activities for Retention

The Effect Of The Internet On Women In Science And Engineering PDF
Gertrude Levine
Growing Figs, Learning Lessons, And Developing Engineers: A First Year Student Program PDF
Carrie Schade
A College Course For Women Studying Engineering Taught By Professional Women PDF
Kerstin P. Mukerji, Sara Wadia-Fascetti
Impact Of Research Experiences On Female Engineering Students PDF
Kauser Jahan, Steven Chin, Melanie Basantis
Teaching Young Women And Students Of Color How To Best Market Themselves In The Job Search Process PDF
Arleen Jennings Anderson
The Impact Of Support Programs And Resources On Undergraduate Women’s Persistence In Enginering PDF
Christine M. Cunningham, Irene F. Goodman
Research Internships In Science And Engineering (RISE) PDF
Paige E. Smith, Dr. Janet A. Schmidt, Dr. Linda C. Schmidt
Developing Students Through Internships: Best Practices Of A University Summer Internship PDF
Susanne Kauer
Texas Engineering Partnerships: A Model Program PDF
Melinda Miller Holt, Don Edwards, Ron Cox
An Innovative Approach To Retention Programs For Women PDF
Shawna L. Fletcher, Dana Newell, Mary Anderson-Rowland
Retaining Students Through Faculty Involved Programming PDF
Patricia Draughn
Women In Engineering Learning Community: What We Learned The First Year PDF
Kimberly LaBoone, Maureen Lazar, Bevlee Watford
The University Of Michigan’s Women In Science And Engineering Residence Program: A Qualitative Analysis PDF
Juliet Webb Ballard, Russell Hathaway, Sally Sharp, Cinda-Sue Davis
Getting Off The Plateau: Increasing The Representation Of Women Beyond 20% PDF
Stephanie Blaisdell, Barbara Bogue, Martha Cyr, Carrie Schade
Confidence And Continuation: The Northeastern First Year Engineering Student Survey PDF
Patricia B. Campbell, Sara Wadia-Fascetti, Lesley Perlman, Earl N. Hadley
Identification Of Strategies Of The ERC For Particle Science & Technology At The University Of Florida To Attract Female Undergraduate Students In Engineering Research PDF
Emilia M. Hodge, Anne E. Donnelly

Graduate Engineering Students

Expectations For Success And Their Effects On Women Engineering Graduate Students PDF
Katharine Wilson, Jose Vedrine

Industry Collaboration and Practice

Tap Into The Technical You: Industry Aid In Retaining Women In Engineering Degree Programs PDF
Susan Rosenbaum, Graeme Clarke, Joelle Fay, Love Slipock


Gender & Science Digital Library PDF
Sarita Nair
A History And Assessment Of AT&T Labs Ph.D. Fellowship Programs 1972 - 2002 PDF
Elaine P. Laws