2003 WEPAN National Conference Proceedings: "50/50 by 2020: Working Together for Equity", and 2003 MentorNet Partners Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of the 2003 WEPAN National Conference, held June 8 - 11, 2003 at Chicago, Illinois

Table of Contents

Creating Inclusive Environments

Mentoring And Community Service For Recrutiment And Retention Of Women In Science And Engineering At The University Of Arizona PDF
Marie-Elena Reyes, Kathy Powell, Meredith Aronson, Jeff Goldberg
The Coalition of Minority Engineering Societies and the Society of Women Engineers (CEMSWE): creating, developing and maintaining collaborations between MEP, WISE and the Center for Outreach and Recruitment (COR) Programs PDF
Dana C. Newell, Shawna Fletcher, Luis Santos-Rivas, Doris Roman, Pamela Maass, Jerome Clark, Kevin Russell, Dave Lucio, Adzoa Kwawu, Heather Storace
IT Scholars - A Collaborative WIE/MEP/UROP Initiative At The University Of Michigan PDF
Darryl Koch, Matthew Forsythe, Cinda-Sue Davis

Faculty and Institutional Transformation

Understanding the Tenure-Track Experiences Of Black Women In Science and Engineering PDF
Cecilia Lucero
The ADVANCE Program At The University Of Puerto Rico At Humacao PDF
Idalia Ramos, Beatriz Hernandez, Edwin Diaz
The University Of Wisconsin-Madison ADVANCE Program: Progress To Date PDF
Jennifer Sheridan, Molly Carnes, Jo Handelsman
Implementing A Transitional Support Program PDF
Sheila Edwards Lange, Eve A. Riskin, Suzanne G. Brainard, Denice D. Denton
Ways To Attract And Retain Women Faculty And Graduate Students In Engineering PDF
Ann Holmes, Marta Ecsedi
Changing Learning Environments Through Changing Faculty PDF
Kim Covington, Jeff Froyd
Title IX From Athletics to Academics: How to Use the Law to Increase the Enrollment of Women in College Engineering Programs PDF
Catherine Pieronek

Pre-College Outreach and Recruitment

Participation Trends In And Lessons Learned From Outreach PDF
J. Moyra J. McDill
Creating A Successful Summer Institute For High School Girls PDF
Deborah A. Shuler, Gilah P Rittenhouse
Exciting Children About Engineering Through Interactive Exploration of Bridges and Dams PDF
Susan Gallagher, Anders Larsson
Hands-On Physics Programs for Middle Level Students PDF
Meera Chandrasekhar, Jennifer Geib
The Pennsylvania State University WEP “Girl Scout Saturdays” (GS2) Project: Collaborative Outreach Teaming Women Engineering Students With Pathways Prospects PDF
Cheryl L. Knobloch

Academic and Support Program Activities for Retention

Factors Influencing First-Year Science and Engineering Academic Confidence PDF
Russel Hathaway, Elizabeth Loesch, Sally Sharp, Cinda-Sue Davis
Sustaining a Multidisciplinary Summer Research Program for Women Undergraduates PDF
Carla Purdy, Rebecca German, Urmila Ghia
Growing Wiser With Time: The Women in Science and Engineering Living and Learning Community at Iowa State University PDF
Lora Leigh Chrystal
Bridging Barriers: Using Technology To Attract, Retain, And Mentor The Engineering Workforce Of Tomorrow PDF
Sarita Nair, Katherine Hanson, Sharon Reidy
Promoting Diversity In Kansas’ Future Technological Workforce Through Outreach Programs: The Boeing Experience PDF
Marsha A. Meili, Suzanne E. Franks, Jennifer Whitlock, Susan Arnold

MentorNet Partners Workshop

MentorNet In-Depth: Structured Mentoring Practices PDF
Marci Ryan Alapati, Stephanie J. Fox, Jennifer L. Dockter, Carol B. Muller
Introducing MentorNet PDF
Carol B. Muller
Mentornet Mentors And Protégés: The Real Story From Participants, In Their Own Words PDF
Brymer Chin, George Dellagiarino, Katarina Midelfort, Michael Vinarcik, Mirolee Zieba, Carol B. Muller
Campus Success Stories PDF
Nuket Acar, Catherine Rung, Blanche E. Staton
Research Internships In Science And Engineering (RISE): Lessons From The First Year PDF
Dr. Janet A. Schmidt, Paige E. Smith, Dr. Linda C. Schmidt, Kristen E. Vogt
The Seven Principles of Building A Successful MentorNet Partner Program PDF
Rosalie M. Clemens
The MentorNet Experience -- From the Mentor's Side PDF
Melissa R. Heaton
Assessment of a Large-Scale E-Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science: Just How Good is MentorNet? PDF
Carol B. Muller, Sylvia J. Barsion
From Email Mentoring to Networking: Preparing for the Future through a Spectrum of Women in Engineering and Science Programs PDF
Ms. Tamara L. McCarron, Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, Dr. S. C. Wirasinghe, Dr. M.P. Boorman

Images of Engineers and Engineering

Media Images Of Women Engineers And Scientists And Adolescent Girls’ Conceptions Of Future Roles PDF
Jocelyn Steinke
Mapping Technology On The Body, Again: Toys R Us, Christina Hoff Sommers, And The New Essentialism PDF
Dr. Nancy Steffen-Fluhr

Industry Collaboration and Practice

Women In Technology (WIT): A Paradigm For Working Toward Systemic Change In Science, Technology, Engineering And Math (STEM) Education And Employment PDF
Sharon Mecum, Leslie Wilkins
Survival Skills for Successful Women Scientists and Engineering -- A Series of Career Development Workshops PDF
Kirsten F. Laurin-Kovitz, Dongqi Li, Linda Phaire Washington, Eve Gohoure, Beverly Karplus Hartline, Maryka H. Bhattacharyya

Developing Effective Programs and Processes

The GROW Project: “Show Me The Money!” PDF
Susan Arnold, Suzanne E. Franks, Ruth A. Dyer, Beth A. Montelone, Jacqueline D. Spears

Assessment Methods and Research Results

Assessing The Evolution Of Engineering Saturday Academies For Middle School And High School Women PDF
Arline Heil Inman, Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Marcela Castro, Donna Zerby

Conference Reports

Leveraging Experience To Accelerate Progress: Moving Towards Gender Equity In Engineering Education PDF
Peggy Layne, Meredith Knight, Christine Cunningham, Cathleen Barton
Learning From The World --- A Report On The IUPAP International Conference On Women In Physics PDF
Dongqi Li, Beverly Karplus Hartline