Proceedings from the WEPAN 2004 National Conference: "Route to 50/50: Shifting Gears for Inclusion"

Proceedings of the 2004 WEPAN National Conference, held June 6 - 9, 2004 at Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Table of Contents

Creating Inclusive Environments

Being Different: Women of Color in Engineering PDF
Samatha Gangapuram, Jennifer Whitlock, Dr. Jacqueline D. Spears, Dr. Kimberly D. Douglas
Women of Color in the Engineering Pipeline PDF
Lisa M. Frehill
Diversity Resources Workshop: Diversity Statements as a Tool for Integrating Diversity into Engineering Teaching Practice PDF
Angela Linse, Jennifer Turns

Faculty & Institutional Transformation

Abstract: FORWARD to Professorship Mini-Workshop PDF
Catherine Mavriplis
Abstract: Faculty Mentoring Programs: Increasing Institutional Capacity for a Highly Qualified Faculty PDF
Evelyn Posey
Leadership Development Workshops for Department Chairs PDF
Joyce W. Yen, Sheila Edwards Lange, Denice D. Denton, Eve A. Riskin
Extended Conversations with Faculty: How Well Do They Really Work? PDF
Kim Covington, Jeff Froyd
Part-Time Tenure-Track Policies: Assessing Utilization PDF
Kate Quinn, Sheila Edwards Lange, Eve A. Riskin
ADVANCE Institutional Transformation at Kansas State University PDF
Beth A. Montelone, Ruth A. Dyer
Charting the Uncharted Path: A Study of Career Trajectories of Female Engineers PDF
Manuela Romero

Pre-College Outreach and Recruitment

The GROW Project: "The Road Ahead" PDF
Susan Arnold, Ruth A. Dyer, Lisa Freeman, Beth A. Montelone, Jacqueline D. Spears
Who Teaches Matters: Providing Female Role Models and Gender Inclusive Curricula for Middle School Students PDF
Suzanne Sontgerath, Stephanie Blaisdell, Katherine Youmans, Terri A. Camesano, Rachelle Reisberg, Katherine Ziemer, Meredith Knight, Anna Swan
Abstract: Lives Improve Through Engineering (LITE): Kettering University's Bioengineering Program for High School Girls PDF
Betsy Homsher
MTM: Anatomy of an Activity Transformation Based On Assessment and Time/Cost Analysis PDF
Barbara Bogue
University of Utah College of Engineering Hi-GEAR: Girls' Engineering Abilities Realized PDF
JoAnn Lighty, Cathy Barnhart, Caitlin Whitaker, Jolie Coleman
Collaboration Florida Style PDF
Betty Preece, Susan Haunty, Marilyn Fashano

Academic and Support Program Activities for Retention

Assessing RISE: A Summer Experience for Incoming First Year STEM Students PDF
Paige E. Smith, Kristen E. Vogt, Janet A. Schmidt, Linda C. Schmidt
Engineering in the Classroom: Teachers' Strategies For Assessing Open Ended Engineering Design Projects PDF
Meredith Knight, Martha Cyr
Communication Climate and Satisfaction in the Computer Science Classroom PDF
Roli Varma, Marcella LaFever
How to Feel As Bright and Capable As Everyone Seems to Think You Are: Strategies to Help Students PDF
Valerie Young
What Good is Mentoring? -- Mentors and Protégés Having Their Say PDF
Evelyn Hsia, Celesta White, Cynthia Gilley, Katharine Horst, Rebecca Sawchuk, Dana Gary, Norma Fries, Brenda Liu
Team 2000: Women Engineering The Future PDF
Deborah J. Fisher, Elaine Borrelli, Deborah Chavez-Kennedy
Abstract: Effective Collaborations for Course Redesign: A Model at the University of Michigan PDF
Darryl Koch, Cinda-Sue Davis
Retention Through Curricular Innovation: Women in Engineering Freshmen Seminar PDF
Aura Ganz, Vanessa Rivera, Susan Lyon, Yuechun Chu
Introducing the Trilogy of Success: Examining the Role of Engagement, Capacity and Continuity in Women's Stem Choices PDF
Patricia B. Campbell, Eric J. Jolly, Lesley Perlman
Abstract: Discerning the Extent to Which Female Students Are Exposed to Opportunities in Engineering PDF
Enos Inniss, Leslie In, Marcia Munoz
Fixing the Content: Topics for Teaching about Gender and Technology PDF
Mary Wyer
Abstract: Women and Men in the Engineering Workplace PDF
Mary Goodwin, Carolyn Heising
The New Engineering Studies Program At Sweet Briar College PDF
Mary Kasarda, Scott Hyman, Hank Yochum, David Orvos, Lynn Laufenberg, Susan Piepho, Steve Wassell
Developing Peer Mentor Programs That Build Community and Increase Retention PDF
Barbara Ruel
Career Strategies for Engineering Women: An industry-designed class aiming to increase success and retention in the engineering workforce PDF
Barbara Bogue

Industry Collaboration and Practice

Abstract: Industry Partnerships Connect High School Girls with the STEM Workplace PDF
Leslie Wilkins
Abstract: Winning with WIMS: Creative Strategies and Alliances between universities and corporate partners to benefit student learning PDF
Dr. Drew Kim, Dr. Leo McAfee, Dr. Craig Friedrich, Patty Farrell

Developing Effective Programs and Processes

Building the MentorNet Partnership to Provide Mentoring on a Large-Scale PDF
Carol B. Muller, Wendee Brunish, Margaret Ashida, Judy Cordes
MentorNet Partner Representatives Roundtable Workshop PDF
Abstract: Building an Effective Industrial Advisory Board PDF
Mary Cass, Linda Hutchison

Assessment Methods & Research Results

Abstract: Workshop: Effective Assessment as a Tool to Develop and Enhance WIE/WISE Programs PDF
Barbara Bogue, Rose Marra, Cherith Moore
Abstract: Longitudinal data reveals impact of "STEPS for Girls" Program PDF
Brenda Puck, Danny Bee, Peter Heimdahl
Abstract: Assessing Women in Engineering Programs: Implementation Challenges and Benefits PDF
Brenda Hart, Barbara Ruel
Assessing Women in Engineering Students' Efficacy Beliefs PDF
Rose M. Marra, Cherith Moore, Mieke Schuurman, Barbara Bogue
Factors Affecting the Level of Classroom Interaction of Women Engineering Students PDF
Anita Persaud, Daniel W. Salter
Assessing Opinions, Experiences, and Perspectives of Females Nationwide via a Web-based Questionnaire: WEPAN 2004 Conference Abstract PDF
Laura Stanley, Heidi Sherick