2005 WEPAN/NAMEPA Third Joint National Conference Proceedings: Leveraging Our Best Practices: Hitting the Parity Jackpot

Proceedings of the 2005 WEPAN National Conference, held April 10 - 13, 2005 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Table of Contents


Program PDF

Keynote Speakers

Leveraging Our Best Practices: Hitting the Parity Jackpot PDF
Shan Carr
Rising Above Cognitive Errors: Guidelines for Search, Tenure Review, and other Evaluation Committees PDF
JoAnn Moody
The Role of Diversity in US Commpetitiveness PDF
Doug Busch
Engineering Learning Initiatives: Intel Foundation Retention Program Progress Report 2004-2005 PDF
Carla Carick
Strategic Diversity Initiatives: Learning From and Leveraging Best Practices PDF
Cathleen Barton
Texas Interdisciplinary Plan: University of Texas at Austin PDF
Cathy Stacy

Creating Inclusive Environments

Engaging Middle School Girls by Aligning Culture and Science PDF
Leslie Wilkins, Jenilynne Gaskin, Sheryl Hom, Christine L. Andrews
Tapping the Rich Diversity of the Community Colleges: Akamai Summer Internship Program - An REU Model at Maui Community College PDF
Leslie Wilkins, Christine L. Andrews, Malika Moutawakkil, Lisa Hunter
Transition Students Encourage Each Other in Obtaining an Engineering Degree PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Debra L. Banks, Donna L. Zerby, Elizabeth L. Chain
Sustained Gender Equity High School Programs Enrich Pipeline of Female Future Engineers PDF
Leslie Wilkins, Isla Yap, Sheryl Hom, Christine L. Andrews
Leveraging Scholarships to Narrow the Retention Gap between Postsecondary Minority and Non-minority Students Enrolled in Engineering PDF
Aileen M. Walter
Designing Our Community: A Program for Recruiting and Retaining American Indian Students in Engineering PDF
Sheree J. Watson, Heidi M. Sherick, Carolyn Plumb
Having Their Voices Heard: Women Engineering Students' Answers To Why The Classroom Climate Is Still Chilly PDF
Anita Persaud, Daniel W. Salter


FacultyForTheFuture.org PDF
Barbara Bogue, Susan Staffin Metz
Advancing Women on Engineering Faculties: MentorNet's Academic Career E-Mentoring Program PDF
Carol B. Muller, Jennifer M. Chou-Green
Women in Engineering Leadership Institute (WELI) PDF
JoAnn S. Lighty, Judy Vance, Deb Niemeier
K-State ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture Series PDF
Beth A. Montelone, Ruth A. Dyer

Pre-College Outreach and Recruitment

Girl Power 21st Century: An Early Intervention Approach To Enhancing Gender Diversity in Technology Education PDF
Janice A. Grackin
The GROW Project: Impacts on Academic Performance PDF
Jacqueline D. Spears, Beth A. Montelone, Susan Arnold Christian, Kimberyly D. Douglas, Ruth A. Dyer, Lisa Freeman
From your community to the United Nations: Growing a successful pre-college program, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day PDF
Katie Kizziar
"Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline: Supporting Indiana Math and Science Education Using Telecommunication and Computer Technology PDF
Susan L. Smith
Effect of Engineering Advocates on Young Women's Interest in Engineering PDF
Jacob Marszalek, Susan A. Linnemeyer
The Pennsylvania State University "MTM Engineering Camp for Girls:" Generating Under-Represented Pathway Prospects Through A Diversity-Rich Pre-College Outreach Project PDF
Cheryl Knobloch
Implementing a Project-based Technology Program for High School Women PDF
Theodore J. Boudria
Robotics Programs Stimulate Hawaii County Girls' Interest in Engineering PDF
Shawna Sodersten, Leslie Wilkins
Analysis of Science Trade Books Based on Terminology, Illustrations, and Demographics PDF
Aviva Sussman, Amanda Rogers, Julie Libarkin
Integrating a Faculty Directed Research Experiences into a High School Bridge Program PDF
Jody Markley, Cyndi Freeman Fail

Academic and Support Program Activities for Retention

GLUE: Graduates Linked with Undergraduates in Engineering PDF
Ms. Tricia S. Berry, Dr. Kerry A. Kinney
Texas Research Experience Program: A Model for Undergraduate Research Programs PDF
Andrea M. Ogilvie
Research Experiences for Undergraduates to Encourage Graduate Studies PDF
Kauser Jahan, Jess W. Everett, Mariano Savelski, Marianne Cinaglia
Increasing the Number of Minority and Women Engineering Students Obtaining a Graduate Degree PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Patricia A. Buckingham, Donna L. Zerby
Rutgers University Women in Engineering Leadership League (RU WELL): A Dynamic Approach to Mentoring and Leadership Training PDF
Evelyn Hann
The California Association of MESA Directors (CAMD) and the Basic and Advanced Science and Technology Academies of Research (B A STAR) PDF
Derrick W. Booth, Milton Randle, Lucy Casale
Creating a Successful Model for Minority Students' Success in Engineering: The PREF Summer Bridge Program PDF
Anita Persaud, Amy L. Freeman
ALVA: A Successful Program for Increasing the Number of Minority Undergraduates who Earn Engineering Degrees PDF
Cathryne Jordan, Lisa Peterson, Scott Pinkham
Academic Summer Enhancement (ASE) Program PDF
Amy Freeman, Anita Persaud
Balancing on the Tightrope: Maintaining Gender Parity in a Successful Undergraduate Engineering Program PDF
Betty J. Harris, Susan E. Walden, Deborah Trytten, Randa Shehab, Teri J. Murphy
Systematic Change in Engineering Education: Preparing Effective Change Agents for Programs in Engineering PDF
Nancy E. Algert, Karan Watson
The San Diego State University Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholars Program PDF
Theresa M. Garcia
Successful and Rewarding Mentoring PDF
Regina A. Moliff

Developing Effective Programs and Processes

Growing a STEM Team: Review of an Innovative Program for Middle School Students PDF
Suzanne Sontgerath, Stephanie Blaisdell, Peter Wong, Anna Swan, Katherine Ziemer
A Model Partnership for WIEP and MEP at the University of Colorado at Boulder PDF
Beverly Louie, David Aragon
Women in Engineering: Investigating Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation As They Relate to Targeted Support Initiatives PDF
Jessica L. Heier, Malgorzata J. Rys, Kimberly D. Douglas
Meeting the Challenges of Cross-Institution Initiatives: An Inside View of a Successful Multi-Institution Collaboration PDF
Barbara Bogue, Brenda Hart, Marie Elena Reyes, Barbara Ruel
Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2004 Literature PDF
Lauren N. Ketcham, Lisa M. Frehill, Cecily Jeser-Cannavale

Assessment Methods & Research Results

They Come and They Go -- An Instrument for Assessing Why Students Leave Engineering PDF
Rose M. Marra, Barbara Bogue, Mieke Schuurman
Discover Engineering Follow-up Surveys: Assessment/evaluation of recruitment programs PDF
Lisa S. Anderson, Kimberley A. Gilbridge, Nandita Bajaj
Utilizing On-Line Surveys for Program Assessment and Enhancement PDF
Kimberly D. Douglas, Jessica L. Heier
Career Outcomes of Science and Engineering Graduates PDF
Elizabeth Litzler, Sheila Edwards Lange, Suzanne G. Brainard
Understanding the Gender Schema of Female Engineering Students: A Balanced Sex-Type and an Ideal of Autonomy PDF
Erin A. Cech
The Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University, Center for Engineering Diversity and Retention: A Study of Persistence and Graduation Rates for Participating and Exiting Undergraduate Engineering Students PDF
Dana Newell, Katrina Vance, Dr. Susan Haag, Dr. Ronald Roedel
The influence of workplace experience during college on early post graduation careers of undergraduate engineering students PDF
M.K. Schuurman, R.N. Pangborn, R.D. McClintic
Beyond the Numbers: A Deeper Look into the Retention of Female Engineering Students PDF
Catherine Pieronek, Leo H. McWilliams, Stephen E. Silliman, John J. Uhran, Mark L. Gunty, Carrie A. Graf
Building a Comprehensive Assessment Model for Combined WISE & MSEP Programs PDF
Sheila Edwards Lange, Carmen K. Sidbury, Suzanne G. Brainard
Measuring Graduate School Recruitment and Retention PDF
Yolanda George, Patricia B. Campbell, Tom Kibler, David Neale, Lesley Perlman, Michelle Ringuette