WEPAN 2007 National Conference Proceedings: Imagining the Future of Engineering

Proceedings of the 2007 WEPAN National Conference, held June 10 - 13, 2007 at Fiesta 6, Disneys Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Table of Contents


Program PDF

Keynote Speaker

Changing the Face of Engineering: Emerging Opportunities PDF
Leah Jamieson

WIE Programs

Encouraging Girl Scouts through a Saturday Workshop PDF
Fran Lee, Dr. Paige E. Smith
Engineers in Motion: Attracting High-Ability Students to Engineering Through a Co-ed Camp Experience PDF
Kristina Kennedy, Glenda P. La Rue
Engineering Clinics for Middle School Teachers PDF
Kauser Jahan, Kathleen Sernak
The Power of External Mentors for Women Pursuing Academic Careers in Engineering and Science: Stories of MentorNet ACE and its Protégés and Mentors PDF
Carol B. Muller, Elisa H. Barney-Smith, Jennifer Chou-Green, Theda Daniels-Race, Arielle Drummond, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

College/Graduate School

Parallel Paths: A College-Wide Peer Group Mentoring Program PDF
Ruth A. Dyer, Beth A. Montelone, Bonnie R. Rush
Theory and Practice in Recruiting Women for STEM Careers PDF
Charlene J. Allison, Imelda Cossette
Climate Change at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: What changed, and did ADVANCE have an impact? PDF
Jennifer Sheridan, Christine Pribbenow, Eve Fine, Jo Handelsman, Molly Carnes
Programs and Partnerships That Impact Retention PDF
Kerri A. Sleeman, Dr. Gretchen Hein, Amy E. Monte
Program Assessment of a Living and Learning Community for Women in Engineering at Oklahoma State University PDF
Karen A. High, Sharon Stead, Susan Phillips
What do women do with engineering degrees? PDF
Lisa M. Frehill
Enhanced Connections: Making Changes to Mentoring Programs for Science and Engineering Graduate Students PDF
Brianna Blaser, Amy Wheeless, Elizabeth Litzler
Mentoring Experiences: A Comparison of Women and Men Graduate Students in Engineering and Natural Sciences PDF
Lisa M. Frehill, Amanda Lain, Ricardo Jacquez, Karen Luces, Lauren Ketcham, Cecily Jeser-Cannavale
The Doctoral Program in Engineering and Computer Science: Is It the Same for Women and Men? PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland, Bianca L. Bernstein, Nancy Felipe Russo
The MESA Community College Consortium: A Model for Industry - Education Partnerships WEPAN 2007 Strategies and Alliances that Work: Retention Efforts that Have an Impact PDF
James Dorsey, Erik Jones, Lucy Casale
The AT&T Labs Fellowship Program -- 35 Years of Mentoring Women and Underrepresented Minorities -- An Update PDF
Elaine P. Laws, Elizabeth Loia, Michael Merritt
A Comparison of the Academic Achievements and Retention Rates of Women and Men Engineering and Computer Science Students in an Academic Scholarship Program Designed for Underrepresented Minority Students PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
Improving the Educational Climate for Female Engineering Students Through a Peer Coaching Program PDF
Lisa K. Davids, Heidi M. Steinhauer
Women in Technology (WIT) Subnet Paper for WEPAN 2007 PDF
Renee Weisman, Padma Chukka
The Role of Hands-On Female Student Project Teams in Comprehensive Outreach and Retention Programs PDF
Lisa K. Davids, Heidi M. Steinhauer, Darris L. White
Rationale and Strategies for Maintaining Career Paths for Technical Women PDF
Margaret A. Strong

Professional Development

Empowering Women to Lead in Business Environment through Effective Mentoring PDF
Pushpa Thantry
Enhancing Your Career Path Through Increased Visibility PDF
Marianne Le-Huu, Dominique Mathot
Innovate! Revitalizing Everyday Thinking From the Inside Out PDF
Jeannie Kristufek
Membership Profiles in the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences PDF
J. Moyra J. McDill
INDIAN WOMENS LEADERSHIP COUNCIL: IBM India Initiative towards Advancement of Women PDF
Chitra Iyengar
Women in S&T Employment in Nigeria PDF
Helen Aderemi, Wunmi Hassan, Willy Siyanbola, Kehinde Taiwo