WEPAN 2010 National Conference: Gateway to Diversity: Getting Results Through Strategic Communications

Proceedings of the 2010 WEPAN National Conference, held April 12 - 14, 2010 at Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland

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WIE Programs

WEPAN, NAMEPA, and Underrepresented Student Organizations: We Need To Help Each Other PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
Exploring Strategies for a University/Non-Metropolitan Community College Collaboration PDF
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
The Science of Fire PDF
Bruk Berhane, Andre Marshall
Framing Change: Feminist Theories and the Conceptual Frameworks of ADVANCE IT Grant Proposals PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Elizabeth Birmingham, Ann Burnett
Women in University Leadership Positions: Comparing Institutions with Strong and Weak Gender Equity Track Records PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Karen A. Froelich
FREE (Female Recruits Explore Engineering) Project: Different Perspectives on Young Women's Interest in Engineering – How Can We Leverage for a Stronger Crew PDF
Monica Bruning, Margaret Eisenhart, Jill Bystydzienski, Terra Morris
Effective Partnerships to Increase Female Attainment of Engineering Bachelor's Degrees PDF
Elizabeth T. Cady, Norman L. Fortenberry, Catherine J. Didion
Making Academic Progress: The University of Michigan STEM Academy PDF
Cinda-Sue Davis, Edward St. John, Darryl Koch, Guy Meadows, Derrick Scott
The Corporate Ladder in S & E Industry – How Diverse? PDF
Catherine J. Didion, Wei Jing
Interpreting Successes of a Community College-University Partnership in Retaining Underrepresented Engineering Students PDF
Heather D. Evans, Priti N. Mody-Pan
Workshop: Research-based Tips for Cultivating Tomorrow's Talent PDF
Norman L. Fortenberry, Catherine J. Didion, Elizabeth T. Cady
Grounded in the Past, Funded for the Future: An Examination of Foundation-Directed Grant Writing From Failure to Success PDF
Ruth Friedman, Glenda La Rue, Sharnnia Artis
UMCP LSAMP: 15 Years of Successful Retention and Graduation of Underrepresented Minority Students PDF
Tamara Hamilton, Rosemary Parker
Effects of Faculty-Student Interactions on Faculty Career Satisfaction PDF
Evelyn H. Laffey, Christina Leshko, Natalie Batmanian
Leveraging Resources: Shortening contact time without negatively impacting efficacy PDF
Evelyn H. Laffey, Candiece White
A Semi-Qualitative Analysis of Women's Adjustment to STEM Majors PDF
Robert W. Lent, Matthew J. Miller, Paige E. Smith, Nicole A. Bryan, Kayi Hui, Matthew M. Jezzi, Robert H. Lim, Helena M. Martin
Retention of Undergraduate Engineering Students: Extending Research Into Practice PDF
Elizabeth Litzler
Retention of Undergraduate Engineering Students: Extending Research Into Practice PDF
Susan Staffin Metz
The CalWomenTech Project: Using Surveys to Inform Retention Strategies of Female Technology Students PDF
Donna Milgram
Georgia Institute of Technology Women in Engineering Program - A Model for Corporate Engagement PDF
Mahera Philobos, Sandra Song Hayes
In Her Words: Factors Influencing African American Women to Pursue and Complete Doctoral Degrees in Engineering PDF
Tiffany Simon
An Analysis of a Scholarship Program for Underrepresented Ethnic and Women Engineering Students and its Impact on Retention and Academic Performance PDF
Kenneth Simonson
N is for Network: New Tools for Mapping Organizational Change PDF
Nancy Steffen-Fluhr, Anatoliy Gruzd, Regina Collins, Babajide Osatuyi
Pipeline to Engineering Diverse Future in New York City PDF
Rawlins Beharry, Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Ardie Walser
Connecting Students to Their Future PDF
Diana Papini Warren, Leslie Wilkins, Isla Young
Using Service Learning to Engage American Indian Students in Engineering PDF
Sheree Watson, Heidi Sherick, Carolyn Plumb
Assessing the Factors that Influence the Career Choices of Minority PhD Graduates in SEM Fields PDF
Danyell Wilson, Anne Donnelly