Western Pennsylvania History, Volume 100, Number 2, Summer 2017

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Western Pennsylvania History, 100(2), Summer 2017 (Full Issue) PDF
- Western Pennsylvania Historical Society/Heinz History Center i-66
Western Pennsylvnaia History: Table of Contents, Summer 2017 PDF
- Western Pennsylvania Historical Society/Heinz History Center i-1
Exhibits: Art of Facts -- Uncovering Pittsburgh Stories PDF
- Western Pennsylvania Historical Society 2
President's Message [Allegheny Arsenal] PDF
Andrew E Masich 3

Up Front

Meadowcroft: Rehabilitating the Pine Bank Covered Bridge PDF
David Scofield 4-5
Library & Archive Treasures: Glassware on Record: Bryce Brothers and Lenox, Inc., Records PDF
Sierra Green 6-9
Architecture Around Us: The Equine City PDF
Angelique Bamberg 10-11
Neighborhood Stories: Miss Edna: A BEutiful Time in the Hill District PDF
Bette McDevitt 12-13
Smithsonian Connection: Wing's Patent Nine-lens Multiplying Camera, late model, December 4, 1880 PDF
- - 13
Curator's Corner: Making Mines Safer PDF
Emily Ruby 14-15
Italian American Collection: The Preservation of a Patriot: Conserving Antonio Pontello's Uniform PDF
Melissa E. Marinaro 16-18
Spotlight on HCAP: Pennsylvania Trolley Museum PDF
Robert O. Stakeley 19


Locating Luna PDF
Brian Butko 20-31
Nellie Bly: Pioneer Journalist Exptraordinaire PDF
Ellen Mahoney 32-45
Instruments in Every Classroom: Pittsburgh's African AMerican Jazz Musicians PDF
Meredith Soeder 46-59

Book Reviews

Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America by Tracy Neumann PDF
Andrew Simpson 60
Books in the 'Burgh PDF
Caroline Fitzgerald 61

Additional Articles

Legacies: Elaine and Carl Krasik, Members since 2003 PDF
Kaitlyn Loy 62-63
Information: 4 Museums. 2 Magazines. 2 Memberships: 1 Low Price PDF
- - 64-65
Back Cover -- Luna: Pittsburgh's Original Lost Kennywood PDF
- - 66

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