The Journal of Erie Studies is an important local publication that examines the history and culture of Erie County, PA.

It was first published in the spring of 1972, and most recently published in 2019. While we have taken a break, it is still an active publication and future issues will be added to this resource page.

It is published by the Hagen History Center, with partner organization the Jefferson Educational Society.

The digital archive is available through the generosity of Penn State University Libraries Open Publishing.

The first five volumes are available for browsing or searching now, and other volumes will be added until the archive is complete.

104th Anniversary Edition cover of the Journal of Erie Studies, featuring three images with women in them, one with two young girls on a bike holding a parisol, the center with a woman looking off to the left into the distance, and the right with a woman in an early 1900s dress staring into the camera.