Field Report: Collecting Data on the Influence of Culture and Indigenous Knowledge on Breast Cancer Among Women in Nigeria

  • Bilikisu Elewonibi The Pennsylvania State University
  • Rhonda BeLue The Pennsylvania State University
Keywords: Culture, Breast Cancer Screening, Nigeria, Survey Design


Culture has been shown to influence health beliefs and health-related behaviors because it influences the type of information women have been exposed to, as well as their resources for interpreting such information. This field report summarizes my approach to understanding how culture influences breast cancer screening behaviors among women seeking care at a local non-profit clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.

Author Biographies

Bilikisu Elewonibi, The Pennsylvania State University

Department of Health Policy and Administration and Demography

Phd Candidate

Rhonda BeLue, The Pennsylvania State University

Department of Health Policy and Administration and Demography

Assoicate Professor


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