Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 136, number 4, October 2012

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Frontmatter: PMHB October 2012 PDF
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Editorial PDF
Tamara Gaskell
Introduction PDF
Daniel P Barr
REVIEW ESSAY: Did Pennsylvania Have a Middle Ground? Examining INdian-White Relations on the Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania Frontier PDF
Daniel P Barr
The Conojocular War: The Politics of Colonial Competition, 1732-1737 PDF
Patrick Spero
“Fair Play Has Entirely Ceased, and Law Has Taken Its Place”: The Rise and Fall of the Squatter Republic in the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna River, 1768–1800 PDF
Marcus Gallo

Notes and Documents

A Cunning Man’s Legacy: The Papers of Samuel Wallis (1736–1798) PDF
David W Maxey

Hidden Gems

The Map That Reveals the Deception of the 1737 Walking Purchase PDF
Steven C Harper
Charting the Colonial Backcountry: Joseph Shippen’s Map of the Susquehanna River PDF
Katherine Faull
John Harris, Historical Interpretation, and the Standing Stone Mystery Revealed PDF
Linda A Ries
Rev. John Elder and Identity in the Pennsylvania Backcountry PDF
Kevin Yeager
A Failed Peace: The Friendly Association and the Pennsylvania Backcountry during the Seven Years’ War PDF
Michael Goode
Letter to Farmers in Pennsylvania: John Dickinson Writes to the Paxton Boys PDF
Jane E Calvert
The Kittanning Destroyed Medal PDF
Brandon C Downing
Pennsylvania’s Warrantee Township Maps PDF
Pat Speth Sherman
Joseph Priestley House PDF
Patricia Likos Ricci
Ezechiel Sangmeister’s Way of Life in Greater Pennsylvania PDF
Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe
John McMillan’s Journal: Presbyterian Sacramental Occasions and the Second Great Awakening PDF
James L Gorman
An Eighteenth-Century Linguistic Borderland PDF
Sean P Harvey
Buried in Plain Sight: Indian “Curiosities” in Du Simitière’s American Museum PDF
Mairin Odle
Fort Rice PDF
Brian J Mast
A Voice in the Wilderness: Alexander Addison’s Case for Peace during the Whiskey Rebellion PDF
Jeffrey Meyer
“Upon God Knows What Ground”: African American Slavery in Western Pennsylvania PDF
Y'Hoshua R Murray
Little Britain Ledgers PDF
Michelle M Mormul


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