Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol.99, issue 3, July 1975

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Address for the 150th Anniversary of the Historical Society of Philadelphia PDF
Walter Muir Whitehill 275-287
Social Disorder and the Philadelphia Elite Before Jackson PDF
Alan M. Zachary 288-308
John Bull's American Legion PDF
William F. Liebler 309-335
The Philadelphia Race Riot of 1918 PDF
Vincent P. Franklin 336-350
Mark Sullivan Views the New Deal from Avondale PDF
Richard C. Brown 351-361

Notes and Documents

The Population of Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia PDF
Gary B. Nash, Billy G. Smith 362-368
Marriage and Family Life Among Blacks in Colonial Pennsylvania PDF
Merle G. Brouwer 368-372
George Gray of Gray's Ferry: Quaker or Anglican Revolutionary? PDF
Norma Adams Price 373-375

Book Reviews

Book Review: Sculpture of a City: Philadelphia's Treasures in Bronze and Stone. PDF
Walker Hancock 376-377
Book Review: William Penn, Apostle of Dissent. by Hans Fantel PDF
Jack D. Marietta 377-379
Book Review: William Penn: A Biography. by Harry Emerson Wildes PDF
Gary B. Nash 379-380
Book Review: British Maps of Colonial America. by William P. Cumming PDF
Peter J. Parker 381-382
Book Review: Revolution & Romanticism. by Howard Mumford Jones PDF
Willard Thorp 382-383
Book Review: Party Politics in the Continental Congress. by H. James Henderson PDF
Gaspare J. Saladino 383-385
Book Review: The Way of the Fox: American Strategy in the War for America, 1775-1783. by Dave Richard Palmer PDF
George W. Kyte 385-386
Book Review: Space, Time, and Freedom: The Quest for Nationality and The Irrepressible Conflict, 1815-1861. by Major L. Wilson PDF
Edward Pessen 387-388
Book Review: Philadelphia's Philosopher Mechanics: A History of the Franklin Institute 1824-1865. by Bruce Sinclair PDF
Frederick Moore Binder 388-390
Book Review: Maryland: A History, 1632-1974. Edited by Richard Walsh and William Lloyd Fox PDF
Frank A. Cassell 390-391
Book Review: Coal Age Empire: Pennsylvania Coal and Its Utilization to 1860. by Frederick Moore Binder PDF
W. Ross Yates 391-393
Book Review: Southern Jersey Towns, History and Legend. by William McMahon PDF
E. Berkeley Tompkins 393-394
Book Review: Chronological Tables of American Newspapers, 1690-1820, Being a tabular guide to holdings of newspapers published in America through the year 1820. Compiled by Edward Connery Lathem PDF
Book Review: Brandywine Village, The Story of a Milling Community. by Carol E. Hoffecker PDF
Book Review: Index to Maps of the American Revolution in Books and Periodicals. by David Saunders Clark PDF
Book Review: Winter Quarters: George Washington and the Continental Army at Valley Forge. by Noel F. Busch PDF
Book Review: Gettysburg: A Journey in Time. by William A. Frassanito PDF
Book Review: Pathways to Independence: Discovering Independence National Historical Park. by Shirley Milgrim. Illustrated by Richard Fish PDF

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