Vol 1 (2018)

Assessing American Studies

Assessing American Studies offers perspectives on both past moments and future directions in the American Studies movement in a global context.

Table of Contents


Front Matter and Editors' Note Front Matter and Editors' Note
Anthony Bak Buccitelli, Evangelia Kindinger, Lauren Sklaroff
Ready to SOAR: An Americanist Journal Bronner
Simon J. Bronner


Paradigm Dramas Revisited: Reflections on the History of American Studies Meikle
Jeffrey L. Meikle
Stand-Up Comedy, Social Critique and Rethinking the Origins of American Studies Robinson
Michelle Robinson
A Future from the Past: Perspectives from Memory Studies Kitch
Carolyn Kitch

Essays, Notes, and Dialogues

Making Context Matter: American Studies and the Connecting Imagination Golub
Adam Golub
American Studies in the Republic of Turkey: A Journey Unfulfilled Raw
Laurence Raw


The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality (Justin Gest) Stebenne
David Stebenne

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SOAR 1 Full Issue SOAR 1 Full Issue
Anthony Bak Buccitelli

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