<em>The Ghana Cookbook</em>: A Review

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Esi Colecraft


Fran Osseo-Asare and Barbara Baeta set out to capture the heart of Ghanaian cuisine in The Ghana Cookbook. From the glossy, red cover decorated with images of typical ingredients, sweets, and fabric patterns to the glossary of Ghanaian names of ingredients and recipes provided throughout the book, The Ghana Cookbook accomplishes what the authors purposed to do: take the reader to the heartland of Ghanaian cuisine, and, as a bonus, they give us some snippets of other West African gastronomy as well.

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Esi Colecraft, University of Ghana

Esi Colecraft is a lecturer in nutrition at the University of Ghana. She obtained BS and MS degrees in nutrition from Cornell University and The Pennsylvania State University, respectively, and has a doctorate in international public health from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In addition to teaching both undergraduate and graduate nutrition courses, she conducts community-based research in maternal and child nutrition with emphasis on the infant and young child feeding practices of mothers in low resource settings. More recently, she has been involved in research on diet, hypertension, and social influences on women's weight gain in Ghana. In her leisure time she enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends.