The Case Study Analysis Technique and 110 Fitness: Giving It All for the Parkinson’s Community


  • Michael Dunlop Suffolk University
  • Nicole O'Brien Suffolk University



case study, case study method, teaching with case studies, student learning and case studies


The case study analysis technique (CSAT) is an effective methodology that bridges academic theory with practical applications. Long-lasting student meta-skills are developed by using the CSAT. It is particularly beneficial when the case study is based on a real-world situation that recently occurred. The CSAT is flexible and adaptable to fit a wide variety of higher education courses that involve a main protagonist and a related organizational problem. The case on “110 Fitness: Giving It All for the Parkinson’s Community” was used in this study to illustrate how the CSAT can be applied using a basic three-part approach of the case study, teaching note, and epilogue.