"Images of America: Kaufmann's Department Store" & "American Founders: How People of African Descent Established Freedom in the New World"


An icon of downtown Pittsburgh, Kaufmann's Department Store inhabited the city in one form or another for more than 130 years. Author Melanie Linn Gutowski, who published Pittsburgh's Mansions in 2013, documents the history of Kaufmann's from its humble beginnings as a single-floor clothing store for men in 1871 to its final days before being rebranded as Macy's. Gutowski takes the reader on a photographic journey where readers can relive fond memories or learn more about Pittsburgh's history with descriptive captions that together tell a cohesive story.

In 2019 various institutions, organizations, corporations, and government agencies commemorated the 400th-year of the landing of people of African descent in Virginia. Learned organizations such as the Association for the Study of African Ameri an Life & History, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the National Park Service commemorated the landing of the first enslaved Africans in the Virginia colony in 1619. In August 2019 the New York Times Magazine published a series of articles called the "1619 Project" That focused on the history of America after the 20 enslaved persons were brought to the Virginia colony and sold into slavery. The "goal was to reframe American history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation's birth year."

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