• A Black woman with a cowrie shell head dress is standing with her back to the viewer in a dark background. With one arm raised, she is holding a calabash on the top of her head

    Arts Culture & Development: Inaugural Issue
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024)

    Welcome to the inaugural issue of Arts Culture & Development!

    Arts Culture & Development, which has rolling submissions, is an open access, blind, peer-reviewed journal about the role of arts and culture in development and social transformation. More articles are in progress to be added to this volume in the coming weeks. These are the first articles which will culminate at the end of 2024.

    This journal is an outgrowth of an edited book project Arts and Culture in Global Development Practice: Expression, Identity and Empowerment (Maguire & Holt, 2022) published through Routledge's Rethinking Development series. We see the role of arts and culture in global development through practice– bringing forth human expression, forming identity, and empowering communities. The purpose of this journal is to bring forth and present practices and conversations that are so often missing in development literature. We seek to reveal the different ways practitioners are imagining or defining the role of arts and culture in global development.