Preserving Cultural Heritage and Creating Economic Stability after the Nepal Earthquake

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Kylie Rose Doran


During the summer of 2015, after my freshman year at The Pennsylvania State University, I was given the opportunity to spend about a month in Nepal where I worked at a non-governmental organization and created a project that would help Gatlang, a village that was horribly damaged by the earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May of 2015. A few short weeks in Nepal were enough to change my perspective on the world forever. I still think about how lucky I am to have been granted an experience that most people could never dream of having. Even more than this, I realize how lucky I am to have never been forced to cope with the devastation of any disaster of the magnitude of the Nepal earthquake.

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Kylie Rose Doran, The Pennsylvania State University

Kylie Rose Doran is a junior at the Pennsylvania State University. She is a Schreyer scholar majoring in anthropology and Russian with minors in Arabic and history. Kylie is one of the founding members of Penn State's Student Society for Indigenous Knowledge and hopes to continue researching indigenous communities around the world. She is also an active member of several other organizations on campus, including Penn State Alternative Breaks and Lion Scouts. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and eventually earn a PhD.