2022-2023 PSJM Editorial Fellows


The PSJM team offers congratulations to our 2022-2023 Editorial Fellows who successfully completed the first Editorial Fellowship Program.

Editorial fellows attended several informational workshops on both the writing of scientific manuscripts and the editorial process itself. The Editorial Fellowship Program culminates in a mock review of a journal article. Our 2022-2023 editorial fellows produced constructive and critical reviews of the article and were selected by our editorial board for representing the highest standard of peer review.

2022-2023 Editorial Fellows

Abdul-jawad Majeed
Anna Cozzi
Brianna Papoutsis
Camille Moeckel
Casandra Nyhuis
Christa Wilk
Corinne Augusto
Corrine Corrina Hartford
Katrina Bakhl
Kenny Nguyen
Krista Hartmann
Maria Fabi
Mandy Hsu
Peter Forstmeier
Sara Harris
Victoria Nudell