Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The team behind Geomorphica, a diamond open-access journal in geomorphology, understands that science and its processes are never neutral. The team is actively and intentionally working to encourage diversity in the sciences and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in authoring, reviewing, and editing. Our team will strive to publish research from colleagues representing different kinds of institutions (e.g., academia, industry, government, NGOs) throughout the world, enabling the creation of a better publishing landscape where access to knowledge and its dissemination have no barriers. All researchers committed to advancing our understanding of terrestrial and planetary geomorphology are welcome to read, review, and publish with us. As a diamond open access, Geomorphica is free for everyone.

Specifically, Geomorphica promotes:

  • Equity: We are committed to removing unfair/uneven barriers to journal resources and publication opportunities, thus better enabling members from all communities across the world to share their work and advance scientific knowledge.
  • Diversity: We respect and value the unique backgrounds, languages, cultures, experiences, and perspectives that everyone brings, and seek to foster a diverse community of authors, reviewers, editors, and readers.
  • Inclusion: We will proactively watch for- and mitigate biases and stereotypes within team interactions and through all stages of publication to ensure that all authors, reviewers, and team members feel empowered to share their thoughts and constructively improve our work. More broadly, we seek to exemplify a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding in scientific reviewing and publishing.